... thanks for everyone's patience during the move !!! while it did take about a week longer than scheduled to get even the most basic elements of mms up & running again (i.e. records back on the shelves [in order !!!] ; packing & shipping bench upright & operational) we can safely say that things are finally getting back to normal around here ...

... we're just about caught up with invoicing & shipping orders placed during our closure & we've started opening up the dozens of boxes of new titles that arrived in our absence, updating the site here to show all of the new arrival & restock activities over the past few weeks (scanner & stereo are still boxed up, so full workups are still pending) ...

... as a token of appreciation to everyone that helped us out by placing a "closeout" order in the days leading up to the move (and due to a number of requests for more time to properly investigate / strategize a more thorough sweep of the dwindling list of titles on offer) i've extended the exhaustive "closeoupacolypse" one final time until the end of the spring ; this should afford everyone the proper resources to make their final selections ...
mimaroglu music sales soon (58)
all information regarding the titles listed below is subject to change ; dates are at best guesswork ...
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april 28th, 2014


pan (germany) #pan 44 lp

valerio tricolimiseri lares” double long playing record set

  • la distanza
  • hic labor ille domus et inextricabilis error

  • error
  • in the eye of the cyclone

  • das schräg haus
  • le qoheleth

  • miseri laresin your ruins is my shelter
pan press release...
valerio tricoli - 'miseri lares' lppan 44release date: april 28 2014

composed in berlin and munich, 2011/2013.

a former version of miseri lares was originally presented in 2011 at the festival "l'audible" (paris), curated by jerome noetinger.
it has been 7 years since ''metaprogramming from within the eye of the storm', the last solo full length release by valerio tricoli. in the years between he has established himself as a formidable presence on the international experimental live circuit, and released acclaimed collaborations with antoine chessex, 'coi tormenti' (dilemma records, 2010) and thomas ankersmit, 'forma ii' (pan, 2011) along with the fifth full length release by his band with fellow italiancohorts 3/4hadbeeneliminated, 'oblivion' (die schachtel, 2010). throughout these shows, collaborations and ongoing explorations valerio has devel- oped upon his signature style of beautifully unsettling musique concrète. the result of his tireless explorations, 'miseri lares' is his magnum opus, a multi layered and heavily nuanced work which epitomises the uncanny in the realm of sound.

'miseri lares' explores a variety of interlocking themes and sonic tapestries that combine in a quietly disturbing and deeply existential work. as a contemporary take on musique concrète tricoli utilises his full explorations of the revox tape recorder alongside digital processing whilst retaining all of the mystery and surprise elements found in the classic approach of pioneers such as bernard parmegiani, eugeniusz rudnik and michel chion.

themes of the internal, represented by both the psychological and the physical, play throughout the record. a mind lays waste to it's own self abasement the immediate surrounds (casa or 'home') feeds on the collapse of the individual. as a symbol of spirits preying on the grief within, haunting wisps of sound swirl around a throbbing bass in 'hic labor ille domus et inextricabilis error', whereas 'la casa deviata' emphasises the paranoid structure as looming creaks make way for abandoned pipes and a cloud of escaping water. here, the tension at play is injected with a treated dictaphone recording: "tell me what happened","i can't remember... the smell!!! there was a tape recorder, where is the tape"?

spoken text (italian and english) appears throughout the record, mostly as texture or as a dehumanised floorboard - a play on the albums themes of the psychological, emotional and irrational horror within. texts by italian poets dante and guido ceronetti appear alongside excerpts from the ecclesiastes (in hebrew, qohelet), h.p. lovecraft, e. m. cioran, and writings by tricoli himself. these add an extra weight to the recording, making it reminiscent of robert ashley or even the comedic tragedy of later day scott walker (baritone aside).

valerio tricoli's release for pan adds another piece to the puzzle of narrative based concrete music, yet deviating from all conventional forms and playing out like a literary form of unsettling sound sculpture.

the 2xlp is mastered and cut by rashad becker at d&m, pressed on 140g vinyl. it is packaged in a pro-press jacket which itself is housed in a silkscreened pvc sleeve with with photography by traianos pakioufakis and artwork by bill kouligas.

expected on or around ::
april 28th, 2014


touch (uk) #to:93 cd

thomas ankersmitfigeroa terrace” long playing record

  • figeroa terrace (36:49)
touch press release...
to:93 | thomas ankersmit "figueroa terrace"

thomas ankersmit is a musician and installation artist based in berlin. since 2006 his main instrument, both live and in the studio, has been the serge analogue modular synthesizer.
acoustic phenomena such as sound reflections, infrasonic vibration, otoacoustic emissions, and highly directional projections of sound have been an important part of his work since the early 2000’s.

in the winter of 2011-2012 ankersmit was invited by the calarts electronic music studios, los angeles, where the serge was originally developed in the early 1970s, to record new music with their heavily customized and recently restored "black serge" system.

in addition to conventional analog synthesis techniques (fm, am, ring modulation, filtering, enveloping and panning under voltage control), ankersmit used various kinds of waveshaping, distortion and feedback (both internally as well as via a microphone and speaker setup in the studio); oscillator-generated frequencies at the upper and lower limits of auditory perception; a patch matrix to control quick transitions; a homemade circuit-bending type interface to create momentary interruptions to the signal flow, and the scraping of a contact microphone. aside from recording, editing, and a few instances of reverb no digital technology was used.

the music is finely tuned and highly detailed, yet also visceral and raw. marked by sharp perceptual contrasts, the piece shifts between dense formations of electric noise, to fields of micro-events moving with an intuitive logic, and feedback-drones of overwhelming intensity. the sounds have a real-world physicality, bringing to mind swarms of locusts, distant storms and creaking machinery rather than "synthesizer music".

the piece was premiered in north america at redcat in downtown los angeles and in europe at berghain, berlin, for the maerzmusik festival.

the music is originally quadraphonic and mixed to stereo for this release. figueroa terrace is ankersmit's first full-length solo studio release.

thomas ankersmit: serge analogue modular synthesizers, contact mic. recorded at calarts, valencia and in los angeles, december 2011-february 2012. thanks to kye potter, kevin drumm, valerio tricoli, darrel johansen, kevin fortune, and everyone at calarts.

expected on or around ::
april 29th, 2014

alter (uk) #alter 15 lp

opéra mortdédales” long playing record

alter press release...
alt15: opera mort - dédales lp

dédales is the second lp from opera mort following a debut for the inhouse label of the sadly defunct parisian record shop bimbo tower. the project is an ongoing collaboration between jo tanz and laurent gerard, two figures from france’s contemporary avant garde underground; jo with his tanzprocess label and laurent with his Élg project (Élg’s ‘mil pluton’ album appeared on alter in 2012). they also form two thirds of the trio reines d’angleterre with the legendary french artist ghedalia tazartés who will be returning to live performance later in 2014.

the 8 tracks on dédales were edited down from a series of improvised live takes of abstract and other-worldy electronics, shifting the opera mort sound into more focussed territory and creating a musical language that’s uniquely singular and a direct result of their close collaborative relationship.

expected on or around ::
april 29th, 2014

feeding tube (usa) #ftr 105 lp

jack rubys/t” long playing record

feeding tube press release...
back when thurston and i were working on our book about the new york no wave scene, a key mystery we hoped to unravel was the one surrounding the band jack ruby. i knew george scott had been in the band, along with chris gray, but we were never able to nail down any hard info. lydia lunch and rudolph grey both had blazing memories of their weirdness, originality and power, but no one could turn up anything solid.

time passed, the book came out and -- chuffed by the fact we'd name-checked the band in the book -- some of the participants began to emerge. weasel walter got his hands on a great tape of material which he released on cd (most of which is reprised here), and bits and pieces of the band's story continued to roll out. they'd actually formed in 1973 with boris policeband on electric viola and randy cohen on serge synthesizer. the two pretty much constant members were guitarist gray and singer robin hall. they'd done a demo for epic. the original band never played live, etc., kind of crazy.

then a batch of old tapes was found in pennsylvania. we sent them to don fleming who transferred and catalogued them for us, and we were totally blown away by what he was uncovering. 'hit and run' and 'mayonnaise' are the original line-up recorded in a small times square studio. boris left after that and they recorded the epic session as a trio. that's 'bored stiff,' 'bad teeth,' and 'sleep cure.' the other songs were recorded by the later, performing version of the band with chris and george and another (all but anonymous) person or two. they played five live shows, featuring crawling dolls, buzzing dildos and the cracked rocket from the tombs sort of sound they'd evolved.

the last one was in november '77 at max's with vivienne dick's then-boyfriend, stephen barth on vocals. and the shit may be lo-fi at times, but it is genuinely fucked and a real pleasure to hear nonetheless.

- byron coley

edition of 600.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

art into life (japan) #ail 010 lp

toshiji mikawa / hideaki shimada / nobuo yamada / katsuyoshi kouquasispecies four” long playing record

  • q120428q1

  • q120428q2
art into life press release...
quasispecies four (toshiji mikawa, hideaki shimada, nobuo yamada, katsuyoshi kou) [lp]

catalogue no: ail010
format: lp - limited 250

a document of a quartet session by toshiji mikawa (incapacitants, hijokaidan), hideaki shimada (agencement), nobuo yamada (artbreakhotel), and katsuyoshi kou (soundings), recorded at hatchobori nana hari on april 28, 2012. at the time hideaki shimada (agencement) had just started drawing again, and it was advertised that the session would be recorded and released as an lp using shimada's artwork. four twenty minute takes were recorded, and the lp includes two of these takes. the project title, quasispecies four, was inspired by the image of an indeterminate and neurotic noise performance. limited edition of 250

comes with an obi with attached string that encircles the whole jacket. on the rear is an insert with photographs from the performance.

recorded live at hatchobori nana hari on april 28, 2012

toshiji mikawa - electronics
hideaki shimada - violin, electronics
nobuo yamada - metal junk objects
katsuyoshi kou - guitar, electronics

cover artwork by hideaki shimada

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

art into life (japan) #ail 007 cd

agencementviosphere+ selected works 1984-1991” compact disc

  • previosphere
  • penta 2
  • viosphere part 1
  • viosphere part 2
  • sbub stroke
art into life press release...
agencement "viosphere+ selected works 1984-1991"

catalogue no: ail 007
format: cd

but don't imagine any rigid structure. fixed points are constantly forced into motion, and the provision of any explicit three dimensional model is avoided entirely. again we are shown that the priority of music is that it represents a structure that cannot be reduced to the visual or linguistic.

(1991 review in 'bijutsu techo' art magazine).

hideaki shimada who started making art and improvised violin experiments in the late 1970s in kanazawa. as a continuation of some of these ideas, he started adding tapes, which led to the creation of the agencement electronic project in 1985. two lps were released under that name, then his first cd "viosphere" in 1991art into life is now reissuing this album, plus three previously unissued tracks from the same period, under the title "viosphere +". of particular interest is the previously unreleased 1988 studio session with hironari iwata - from toukaseibunshi from the same 80s experimental scene. it's a heavily avant-garde performance for guitar, amplifier and autoharp.

comes in a box with a 12 page booklet of performance photographs from the period and several 2011 visual works. limited edition of 200.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

art into life (japan) #ail 003 cd

joseph hammerroadless travel” compact disc

  • mirror lake
  • soda lake
  • scenic loop
art into life press release...
joseph hammer "roadless travel

catalogue no: ail 003
format: cd

lafms musician joseph hammer creates unparalleled works of tape manipulation. however, as yet there are comparatively few solo albums by this phenomenal artist. to rectify this situation, art into life has decided to release roadless travel, his latest album. the album comes with a dense 24 page booklet of liner notes (essentially a full history of hammer) by t. sakaguchi, who has enjoyed a long friendship with him and is the foremost japanese historian of the lafms scene. 

liner notes - takuya sakaguchi
translation - alan cummings

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


art into life (japan) #ail 001 cd

david rosenboomroundup two • selected music with electro-acoustic landscapes (1968-1984)” double compact disc boxed set

  • b.c.-a.d. i (the moon landing) (29:44) 1969 - with salvatore martirano
  • musical intervention (7:39) 1979
  • four soundings from urboui - pear facts (10:03) 1968
  • four soundings from urboui - the fats of life (1:20) 1968
  • four soundings from urboui - meu-sic (2:47) 1968
  • four soundings from urboui - earie (3:10) 1968

  • zones of influence, part i, the winding of a spring - a) the stochastic part (11:42) 1984
  • zones of influence, part i, the winding of a spring - b) the tripartite structure (5:24) 1984
  • music for analog computers (8:12) 1968-1969
  • musical intervention (8:23) 1982
  • trio ii (25:35) 1978 - with michael byron and william winant
september 2012 release ; ... debut release on this new imprint set up by shingoart into lifeaoyagi to issue archival experimental music projects from the 60’s through the (late) 80’s ...

... this collection of david rosenboom’s “liveelectronic music (largely culled from his 1987 slowscan cassette “roundup” ; albeit with twice as much material ranging from the late 60’s through the mid-80’s - hence the title) features collaborations with “l’s g.a.” composer salvatore martirano (a good half-hour of screeching harmonic-series delay-line buzz ; like a swarm of hornets inside your brain), willie winant & michael byron (ultra dissonant percussion-clatter, cluster-piano bombing & errant “scatteredelectronics) ... but largely consists of solo work that runs the gamut from bleep-heavy analogia (the 1968 “four soundings from urboui” is especially ace, worthy of the price-tag alone - listen to the sound-sample for the majority of the first segment) to plunderphonic filter-stratagem that comes closest to the almosttechnoid work (i.e. “future travel”) ...

... comes in a nice slate grey box w/ the cd’s affixed to “nubs” mounted in the interior, enclosing an extended booklet with technical notes & photographs ... highly recommended !!!
art into life press release...

david rosenboom - "roundup two" selected music with electro-acoustic landscapes (1968-1984)

catalogue no: ail 001
format: 2cd box - limited 300

release date: september 15

for over four decades, composer-performer david rosenboom has developed unique circuitry and software for making musical models of the wondrous natural world come alive. traversing the raucous and the sublime, roundup two presents live performances with vacuum tube analog computers, solid-state manifestations of chaos and harmony, musical interventions on political tunes, virtuoso performers interlinked with hybrid processing, and more. roundup two is an essential, historical document containing important examples from a sixteen-year period in this innovative artist’s extraordinary, pioneering work.

acknowledgements and history

several of these pieces appeared in an audio, cassette package released in 1987 by slowscan editions, s-hertogenbosch, the netherlands, titled roundup, a live electro-acoustic retrospective (1968-1984). for roundup two, all those pieces have been re-mastered from tapes in audio archives that were in various states of preservation. several that were originally presented only in excerpts are now presented in complete, unedited versions, and other works not on the original roundup have been added.

(david rosenboom)

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


em records (japan) #em 1123 lp

esperhome grown: sounds of rush” long playing record

  • sonic 1 (0:45)
  • intro (2:10)
  • sonic 2 (0:22)
  • spinner (0:55)
  • sonic 3 (0:38)
  • marawana rumble (3:04)
  • sonic 4 (0:20)
  • home grown (3:55)
  • sonic 5 (0:52)
  • esoterical (2:07)
  • sonic 6 (0:33)

  • pulses (1:27)
  • sonic 7 (0:24)
  • scritches (0:33)
  • truckin (1:00)
  • sonic 8 (0:46)
  • forces (0:38)
  • sonic 9 (0:53)
  • deana (0:04)
  • sonic 10 (0:17)
  • cosmic walk (1:19)
  • gigglegrass (0:34)
  • tinkler (0:40)
  • slideout (3:18)
  • money (0:49)
  • sonic 11 (0:09)
  • spirals (0:50)
  • highmonics (0:50)
em records press release...
catalogue# : em1123lp
artist : esper
title : home grown: sounds of rush
media : 12" lp only, handmade cover

+ 12" (30cm) record
+ handmade cover plus an insert

from the original cover:

a sonic sound spectacular, 'home grown' is intended to be listened to while stoned. it is designed to give the listener a multiplicity of rushes. i define sonic rush as pulsating spirits of good. vibrations that reverberate through your body in rippling waves of pleasure. the sounds are primitive. the beat is basic. the effects are personal.

recorded in maryland in 1975 and intended to be listened to while high, this is a high point (pun semi-unintended) of outsider/stoner/idiot-savant musique concrete. originally released on vinyl, it's a sui generis blend of primitive synths, treated vocals, scraped metals and "field recordings" of a bong, all lovingly dosed with liberal amounts of delay and reverb.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


em records (japan) #em 1121 lp

pip prouda fraying space” long playing record

  • adreneline and richard
  • de da de dum
  • latin version
  • a fraying space
  • the sun was yellow
  • purple boy gang
  • a bird in the engine
  • they took us all so kindly
  • french girls
  • an old servant
  • laughter and laughter
  • eagle-wise
  • she dwindles her fingers
  • adrenaline and richard
em records press release...
catalogue# : em1121cd & lp
artist : pip proud
title : a fraying space
media : cd and lp

+ newly remastered

cd version:
standard jewel case. 20p booklet including liner notes written by david nichols (biographer of pip proud). english & japanese text and lyrics

lp version:
4c printed inner sleeve incl. liners & photos.

all tracks are taken from de da de dum (1967), except 6, 10, 14 from adrenaline and richard (1968), 4, 7, 9, 12, 13 from a bird in the engine (1969), 8, 15-17 from legendary 'horlicks tin tape' which were recorded in early 1970s.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


em records (japan) #em 1121 cd

pip prouda fraying space” compact disc

  • adreneline and richard
  • de da de dum
  • latin version
  • a fraying space
  • the sun was yellow
  • purple boy gang
  • a bird in the engine
  • they took us all so kindly
  • french girls
  • an old servant
  • laughter and laughter
  • eagle-wise
  • she dwindles her fingers
  • adrenaline and richard
  • jumped in my rowboat
  • starship
  • don't push me off
em records press release...
catalogue# : em1121cd & lp
artist : pip proud
title : a fraying space
media : cd and lp

+ newly remastered

cd version:
standard jewel case. 20p booklet including liner notes written by david nichols (biographer of pip proud). english & japanese text and lyrics

lp version:
4c printed inner sleeve incl. liners & photos.

all tracks are taken from de da de dum (1967), except 6, 10, 14 from adrenaline and richard (1968), 4, 7, 9, 12, 13 from a bird in the engine (1969), 8, 15-17 from legendary 'horlicks tin tape' which were recorded in early 1970s.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

golden lab (uk) #rowf 38 lp

desmadrados soldados de venturainterpenetrating dimensional express” double long playing record set

  • photospheric composition

  • right-hand rule

  • sycamore st shuffle

  • 101010,000,000
golden lab press release...
desmadrados soldados de ventura interpenetrating dimensional express 2xlp gatefold (rowf 38)

out monday 6th january 2014 ltd to 300 copies

third vinyl outing for manchester, uk free-rock guitar army desmadrados soldados de ventura. recorded at the band’s unofficial hq at ‘sunshine studios’ by local legend patrick crane, it’s another molten third eye opener shooting ecstatic vibrations straight to the pranic centres.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

important (usa) #imprec 392 lp

steve gunnmelodies for a savage fix” long playing record

  • first of spring
  • out canning factory road
  • worry past worry
  • topeka am
  • dive for the pearl
important press release...
steve gunn & mike gangloff
melodies for a savage fix
imprec392 lp

steve gunn and mike gangloff (pelt) combine six-and 12-string guitars with gongs, tanpura, singing bowls, shruti box, and banjo fora gorgeous collection of improvised compositions. the two artists took it pretty far off the beaten path for melodies for a savage fix, sequestering themselves for an overnight session in the remote farmhouse/recording studio of noted roots-music engineer joseph dejarnette (carolina chocolate drops, bruce greene, curtis eller) in the countryside of floyd county, virginia.

there in the tiny community of topeka, miles from the county's one traffic light, they set up an assortment of six- and 12-string guitars, gongs and indian instruments, plus the banjo gangloff sometimes plays at monthly square dances at a country store just up the road, and settled in for an intense night of improvisation.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

prisma (norway) #prisma dvd02 dvd

arne nordheimselected works for television 1967-1974” digital versatile disc

  • evolution (1974)
  • greening (1974)
  • occupation: composer (1974)
prisma press release...
new release: arne nordheim: selected works for television 1967-1974 [dvd]

arne nordheim (1931-2010) is widely regarded as norway’s best-known composer after edvard grieg. but did you know that he was a multidisciplinary artist and that his work inspired several of the country’s greatest visual artists?

arne nordheim’s art extends way beyond the confines of music. throughout his life, he also worked closely with other art forms, such as theatre, fine arts, ballet, film, literature, architecture and installation art. in 1955, a journalist asked the young, up-and-coming composer: “what about the present, the future and -isms?” arne nordheim replied confidently: “no -isms for me, please!”

this dvd-release shows how nordheim’s 50-year long multidisciplinary and ground-breaking career lived up to this motto and established him as a key figure of norwegian, post-war art. this is the first opportunity to see his pioneering works in the field of television art created in collaboration with norwegian visual artists such as per kleiva and rolf aamot, and known nrk (norwegian broadcasting bureau) technicians and directors such as ole henrik moe, stein-roger bull and rolf clemens. the dvd also includes the hour-long documentary occupation: composer, a film about arne nordheim made by istvan korda kovacs in 1974.

the dvd accompanies the exhibition arne nordheim in the world of arts: no “-isms” for me, please! shown at henie onstad kunstsenter august 22th 2013january 12th 2014.

this release is supported by the freedom of expression foundation oslo and the norwegian society of composers.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

slowscan (netherlands) #slowscan vol.23 lp

richard maxfieldrichard maxfield” double long playing record set

  • richard maxfield interview #1
  • richard maxfield interview #2

  • richard maxfield interview #3
  • fermentation (1960) for tape

  • richard maxfield interview #4
  • cough music (1959) for tape
  • perspectives ii for la monte young (1961) for violin

  • piano sonata no. 2 (1948/49)
  • structures (1951) for 10 wind instruments
  • for sonny wilson (ca. 1966) for tape
slowscan press release...
a1, a2, b1, c1 recorded on november 11, 1960 for radio kqed, california.
d1 dedicated to roger sessions. recorded in 1949, berkeley, california.
d2 recorded in 1951 at the royal british art gallery.
d3 dedicated to sonny wilson, world greatest wonder preacher. based on negro revival meetings. exact date unknown.

courtesy recordings: dick higgins, barrytown, 1992.
courtesy photo frontcover: harry ruhé/gallery 'a', amsterdam. photographer unknown.
photo richard maxfield made on november 11, 1966.

comes in gatefold.

first and only edition of 200 copies.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

slowscan (netherlands) #slowscan vol.22 lp

soundproof nr.0” long playing record

  • g. j. de rook - consonantisation of leo vroman's "vrede" (1977)
  • g. j. de rook - interpretation of "ten works by lawrence weiner" (1977)
  • g. j. de rook - minus a-e-i-o-u (1977)
  • greta monach - fonergon 77 - 1 (1977)
  • greta monach - fonergon 78 - 1 (1978)

  • michael gibbs - sononymous poem - beginnings/endings (1978)
  • michael gibbs - two texts (1978)
  • michael gibbs - tome tones (1978)
  • michael gibbs - art of poetry, page 75 (1978)
  • ulises carrión - clinch (1978)
slowscan press release...
publication date : november/december 2013
edition : 250 copies, 50 for the artists
recordings realised at the institute of sonology, utrecht 1978
all recordings recorded in 1978

published and sold on an audiocassette by other books & so, ulises carrión's famous artists bookshop in amsterdam. only 12 cassettes were actually sold. reissue of a cassette from 1978.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

staubgold (germany) #staub 132 lp

costin miereanuluna cinese” long playing record

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

superior viaduct (usa) #sv 073 lp

the residentsresidue of the residents” double long playing record set

  • the sleeper
  • whoopy snorp
  • kamikazi lady
  • boy in love
  • shut up! shut up!
  • anvil forest
  • diskomo
  • jailhouse rock
  • ups & downs
  • walter westinghouse
  • scent of mint
  • saint nix
  • open up
  • from the plains to mexico
  • loser = weed
  • death in barstow
  • melon collie lassie
  • in san francisco
  • dumbo the clown
  • is he really bringing roses?
  • time's up
  • daydream believer
  • safety is a cootie wootie part 1 - prelude for a toddler
  • safety is a cootie wootie part 2 - toddler's lullaby
  • safety is a cootie wootie part 3 - safety is a cootie wootie
  • daydream in space
superior viaduct press release...
the residents - residue of the residents 2xlp

release date: march 18, 2014.

residue of the residents collects outtakes, rare tracks and other experiments from this legendary san francisco collective. originally released on ralph records in 1983 and spanning the residents' career up to that point, this first-time vinyl reissue has been expanded to a double lp and contains 26 songs from the late '70s and early '80s – the group's most fertile period.

highlights from the first lp include the morricone-inspired "the sleeper," the dreamlike "whoopy snorp" (initially on the lafms compilation blorp esette), the intense collage piece "kamikaze lady" from the pre-residents 1971 baby sex tapes, and the rao studio orchestra version of "ups & downs" (which may be the group's finest pop moment).

the second lp features many insider favorites that have not been available on vinyl for decades: "loser = weed" (initially released as the b-side to the satisfaction single), "death in barstow" and "melon collie lassie" (from the babyfingers ep), as well as the residents' contributions to the great subterranean modern compilation.

balancing the group's conceptual impulses with a dark palette of electro-esotericism, residue of the residents is an intoxicating collection that serves as an ideal starting point for the uninitiated.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

superior viaduct (usa) #sv 072 ep

the residentssanta dog” double seven inch single record set

  • fire

  • aircraft damage

  • explosion

  • lightning
superior viaduct press release...
the residents - santa dog 2x7"

release date: march 18, 2014.

welcome to the wild, bizarro world of the experimental artists called the residents. little is known about the group's origins or its members' identities, although it is widely believed that they are based out of san francisco, california. when their debut release, santa dog, first appeared in 1972 on the equally enigmatic ralph records / cryptic corporation, the few hundred copies quickly fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. rumor has it that then-president richard nixon sent his record back.

true to their "theory of obscurity" concept, the residents cultivate mystery to ensure artistic integrity. with different musical personas for each of its four tracks, santa dog is a fully-formed avant-garde pastiche of musique concrète, raymond scott-esque exotica, television sound effects, and the group's own mutilated take on rock 'n' roll that later became known as their trademark aesthetic.

superior viaduct is honored to present santa dog's first-time vinyl reissue, complete with christmas-themed fold-out sleeve. the package is an essential artifact for devout fans and beginners – a puzzle wrapped in a piece of commercial music. or perhaps it is the other way around?

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

superior viaduct (usa) #sv 019 lp

eduard artemievthe mirror / stalker original soundtrack” long playing record

  • the mirror - 14 tracks
  • stalker - 7 tracks
superior viaduct press release...
eduard artemiev - the mirror / stalker original soundtrack lp

it comes as no surprise that andrei tarkovsky, master of soviet cinema, turned to composer eduard artemiev to score his two lyrical and haunting films, the mirror (1975) and stalker (1979), as he had done for solaris (also available on superior viaduct).

artemiev's magnificent soundtrack to the mirror is the natural follow-up to solaris. dense, slow-moving, and often disorienting mood pieces with baroque sensibilities resonate beyond the film's dream-like images. for stalker – tarkovsky's other science-fiction masterpiece – artemiev was inspired by indian classical music and utilized layers of synth tones, flute and tar (a traditional iranian stringed instrument) to create a central theme as spellbinding as "the zone," a setting in the film where laws of physics no longer apply.

superior viaduct presents the first-time official release of two astonishingly unique soundtracks. recommended for fans of lech jankowski's music for brothers quay films, bc gilbert & g lewis and oneohtrix point never.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


superior viaduct (usa) #sv 018 lp

eduard artemievsolaris original soundtrack” long playing record

  • movements 1 to 7

  • movements 8 to 17
superior viaduct press release...
eduard artemiev - solaris original soundtrack lp

it's only appropriate that solaris, russian filmmaker andrei tarkovsky's psychological sci-fi classic from 1972, contains an equally original and mind-bending score. solaris explores the inadequacies of time and memory on an enigmatic planet below a derelict space station. to reinforce the film's chilling setting, tarkovsky commissioned composer eduard artemiev to construct an electronic soundscape reflecting planet solaris' amorphous and mysterious surface; artemiev rose to the challenge with a prophetic work that defies the era's technological limitations while evoking unparalleled emotional responses even today.

artemiev's score – centered around variations on bach's "chorale prelude in f-minor," a somber piece for solo organsounds majestic alongside dissonant crescendos and formless, ambient tracks. armed with the massive ans synthesizer (aptly named after russian occultist alexander nikolayevich scriabin, who pioneered thought behind the synesthesiatic effects of music), artemiev drafted sine waves on glass plates for the machine to interpret. the only prototype of the ans was destroyed shortly after the solaris soundtrack was recorded. luckily this artifact of transcendent composition married with technological innovation endures as a masterpiece of early electronic music.

superior viaduct is honored to present the first-time official release of artemiev's original soundtrack for the film (not to be confused with the previously available re-recording of the music). this deluxe package comes with three unique front-cover designs and is recommended for fans of cluster, iannis xenakis, and louis and bebe barron's forbidden planet.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014


tummy tapes (germany) #tummy vu gat1 lp

velvet undergroundthe legendary guitar amp tapes” long playing record

tummy tapes press release...
velvet underground
legendary guitar amp tapes vol. 1
tummy tapes / no matrix

recorded through a microphone jammed in the back of lou reed's amp right around the release of their third album, the legendary guitar amp tapes are formidable in their unadulterated rock and roll fire and fury and a revelation for anyone who hasn’t paid close attention to reed’s dynamic guitar playing which in this set is a monolithic roar, a pulverizing electronic kaiju (strange beast) grinding the whole universe into pebble and sand.

paste-on covers.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

vittelli (uk) #vit 002 lp

matthew philip hopkinsnocturnes” long playing record

vittelli press release...
matthew philip hopkinsnocturnes (vittelli – vit002) lp

vittelli continues to set out its' stall with this brilliant lp by australian sound maker matthew philip hopkins (vincent over the sink / the bowles / notv / half high). this is hopkins' first solo vinyl outing after a decade of micro-edition cassettes and cdr's.

nocturnes was assembled during late night headphone sessions at hopkins' sydney home in late 2013. he employs synth, cassettes, fx pedals, contact mic and random objects to create a hypnotic suite of dramatic and highly evocative works that will appeal to listeners of nate young, william basinski, rushford & talia, andrew chalk, giancarlo toniutti, ralf wehowsky et al.

nocturnes was mastered by graham lambkin (kye / shadow ring) and comes in an edition of 300 on grey vinyl with colour sleeve and printed insert featuring texts of 'listening events' written and assembled by the artist.

expected on or around ::
may 1st, 2014

vittelli (uk) #vit 001 lp

london sound survey / ian rawesthese are the good times” long playing record

vittelli press release...
london sound surveythese are the good times lp (vit001)

the vittelli label announces itself with this fine release of london's highlife, lowlife, wildlife and everday life plucked from ian rawes' vast london sound survey.

at his day job at the british library sound archive rawes cut his teeth in archiving and explored its depths. field recordings and studies by acoustic ecologists came to his attention around the same time that he was looking to create his own capital-based project. at this time the internet promised to be the great equaliser and enthusiasts' sites like urban75, classic cafes, derelict london, and subterranea britannica provided inspiration.

several years later rawes is responsible for his own huge archive and has explored novel ways of presenting and preserving the recordings on his site. his recordings employ a variety of professional, home made, and adapted devices used both discreetly or in plain view.

in recent years rawes has presented and discussed his work at various institutions, galleries and events around the uk. he's been featured in the wire, time out, and has appeared on bbc r4, bbc london and the bbc world service.

the selections on this lp were made by vittelli's nick hamilton and were mastered for vinyl by graham lambkin (shadow ring, kye records).

'these are the good times' comes in an edition of 300 on 180g vinyl in a colour sleeve featuring notes by ian rawes and ed baxter (resonance fm).

expected on or around ::
may 5th, 2014

new images limited (usa) #ni 21 lp

alan licht / brian chasewe thought we could do anything” long playing record

  • 18:12
  • immediate release

  • irreal/ erosion
  • double rubble
new images limited press release...
alan licht & brian chase "we thought we could do anything" lp - ni21
(2014, new images)

guitarist alan licht (lee ranaldo & the dust, the blue humans, love child, run on, etc.) is back for another release with new images ltd, but this time around with drummer brian chase (yeah yeah yeahs, man forever), for a far less literal take on spontaneous dialogue than his "talk-rock" project title tk, whose album-sleeve-book rock$ was published by new images ltd in 2013.

impressive pedigrees aside, both licht and chase are a real-deal pairing, with long-standing interests and involvements with underground rock, minimalism, experimental music, and free improvisation. we thought we could do anything is their first record together and it lives by its intrepid name.

conceived as a series of structured improvisations, the album joins fiery drumming with titanic guitar abstraction for a collection of sharply focused sonic passages. it's music with the harshest colors upfront, and in detail. licht's guitar is the torrential speech at hand, and its dynamic limits are bound only by the album's timespan.

the improvisatory epic "18:12" finds chase teasing out overtones in his snare drum and tom toms that interface with the flood of harmonics that spill out of licht's dizzying runs. the searing ambient drone piece "irreal/erosion" is a mind-meld that uses the just intonation experiments of chase's solo drums and drones cd (pogus, 2013) as a launching point.

"immediate release" and "double rubble" are shorter studies, licht adding his trademark technique of twirling a screwdriver on open strings to one of chase's drum-sourced electronic thunderclouds on the former and chase improvising with percussion over a treated field recording of a ventilation unit on the latter.

together on we thought we could do anything licht and chase forge a collaborative language impressively non-referential and equally recessive of genre labels. in essence, it's free: the album's title is taken from a book about screenwriting in golden age hollywood, and reflects the wide open approach that these two artists take, not only for the duration of this album but in their overall practices.

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