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transparency (usa) #trans 0107 cd

david schaferx10r.1 • x10r.2” double compact disc set

  • times ten resequenced with two second gap (47:35)

  • times ten resequenced with variable gap (58:41)
2002 sound-art release by the then los angeles (now new york) based artist david schafer consisting, simply, of ten easy-listening lps played atop each other continuously (disc one), then with a two-second gap between each (disc two) ...

i was fully prepared for a plunderphonic pileup of mellow schmaltz ala christian marclay’s mid-late 80’s performance work ... but the result is much more dark / sinister, and quite claustrophobic - just how much this sounds like any number of hermann nitsch’s discordant symphonies is uncanny, especially given the individual sonic components !!!

effective both as a commentary of just how “difficult” muzak can be and as the soundtrack to your next cocktail party (just don’t play it the morning after !!!) ; those of you that are feeling the j.o. mallander disc on anoema, this is one for you ... i’ve managed to get these on the cheap (the normal retail is $17 !!!) - so if this sounds even remotely appealing i encourage you to check it out !!! the packaging is lovely to boot ...
transparency press release...
x10r.1 and x10r.2

double audio cd ed of 1000
2002 transparency

ten easy listening records resequenced according to the theories of the muzak corporation and then superimposed. first exhibited at shoshana wayne gallery and has since been played on many radio stations including wfmu and various internet programs abroad.

x10r.1/x10r.2 david schafer (transparency records)

wherein “ten easy listening records played at the same time (either in “two-second gaps” or “variable gaps”) that take you right up above the muzak ether.” the design and execution of this particular curiosity are green and impeccable. it’s a bit like changing channels on the radio, this – however, the only stations available are the easy listening ones. this is not necessarily a bad thing – and this would make a fantastic installation piece. at times, the waves of nostalgia buffet gently against one’s craft, depending on whatever pharmaceuticals one has at hand – at other times, it’s as if the drug spiral drags one down through the nightmare psycho-logical sequences from a 1960s film where the ending is anything but certain.

in the face of considerable – yet identifiable cacophony – the mind picks out recognizable and comforting snippets (usually rhythmic) with which to console itself. alessandro alessandroni is the person behind the unique whistling on the sergio leone western soundtracks. that’s the most vivid thing i could find.

this is a simultaneously comforting and cacophonic series of recordings – a rare duality indeed.

- david cotner, march 2002

the colonization of anxiety is experienced not as a linear, prescribed singularity, but as an unsettling, inharmonious space that slips across boundaries of distraction.

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