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mountaain (usa) #door 012 cd
rampart (usa) #rampart resonant cd

resonant hole, vol. 1” compact disc recordable

  • ed sunspot - you are not a prisoner, you are a patient (2:48)
  • jeanne vomit-terror - end of the day (3:42)
  • benstances - phones (1:03)
  • the guilty feelings - we will fail (3:23)
  • eyes and arms of smoke - i don't want to go to the moon (2:45)
  • hugo wheel - look away (1:38)
  • spray - mormon in a gay house (2:18)
  • dry sunset - three then two (1:14)
  • betweensday - if it's not too much (2:29)
  • the appearants - water the plants (1:49)
  • arras - simple symptoms (2:07)
  • chel rodeque - crib death (1:22)
  • benstances - the question (0:51)
  • the preterite - no energy (1:30)
  • sterile drawberry - eye exams (2:22)
  • rzrz - delayed reaction (1:21)
  • attempt - confusion is sex (2:44)
  • cerbinals - saints (2:33)
  • kraken fury - stair creek (1:29)
  • nonapse - 'plosion (2:45)
  • the 4 o'clock lime - memory energy (1:44)
  • silverware - antenna (2:03)
  • street gnar - grayson roadz (2:21)
  • walter carson and the three legged race - ransom style envelope (1:14)
  • multiple girls - leaves (1:50)
  • carl calm and the flower man band - wasn't it a bit like today (2:09)
  • jeanne vomit-terror - now that it's gone (it's time to move on) (2:06)
  • idiot glee - i did it sober (1:32)
  • benstances - surfin' usa bird (1:03)
  • ed sunspot - no more said the explorer (1:20)
  • upwind - i saw the desert from afar (1:36)
  • rzrz - interruption (2:27)
  • the beforers & irene moon - feld (4:02)
  • the appearants - everything in this garden belongs to you now (1:17)
  • memorial day cookout at resonant hole (1:22)
neat & tidy (well, not quite)scene-comp” covering new activities from in/around the whole lexington, ky axis (think :: hair police, warmer milks, etc) ...

many names with which i was previously unfamiliar, many that are likely aliases of trevor tremaine and/or robert beatty (aka the rampart & mountaain label-heads whose pet-project this comp most certainly is) and/or acts to which they contribute/produce, plus folk like irene moon, flower man (aka caboladies’ chris bush), kraken fury, walter carson, etc ... plus at least two covers (that i can spot anyways ; harry pussy & sonic youth ; gives you something of an idea of the sonic warpath mapped out herein) ...

tons of short blasts, largely of synth / voice damage, with the occasional odd scrabble ... obscure, inviting, and out on top right now ...
mountaain press release...

-- various artists - resonant hole, vol. 1 cdr

mysterious compilation featuring eyes & arms of smoke, ara, three legged race, attempt, and irene moon, along with a host of tantalizing obscurities comprising the bulk of its 35-track, 70 minute duration. more questions than answers, here. jeanne vomit-terror sums it up pretty tidily:

what is a hole? well, look around, because they can be found almost anywhere. your body is full of holes with distinct names and distinct uses, each abundant with a distinct mucous membrane, like a state bird. look up at the sky. it’s the biggest hole of all—-a hole so big that it goes all the way around you, and there’s no way to know whether you’ve fallen in or whether it’s even a hole at all. you yourself are a hole in the aether. a hole in the hole. you are a shallow hole with yourself at the bottom. your perimeter is malleable and consuming. that is, when you touch a hole, it becomes a part of the you-hole. because a hole is whole.

the resonant hole is a useful one. it is a refracting lens for sound and thought, so that all that passes through it is stripped of order and meaning, so that we might know what our sounds are really trying to tell us. it is also a contagion, seeking to include and redefine your whole. this is not a music compilation, it is a mass hallucination. no matter what words you speak into the well, the echo that issues forth is a voice unfamiliar because it is not a sound—at least not as we understand sound. it is a vibration, shaking loose something ancient and intangible, opening the secret streets in the map of your mind, streets with names like rzrz and the appearants and silverware and idiot glee and hugo wheel. some streets are initially familiar, and so you stride confidently, comforted by lamps and shops and trees you know. but they lead not to a home, a heart, but into more holesholes in holes in holes in holes in holes!

a hole so big that it cannot be closed. we are at the bottom and still falling. hole is where the hear is.

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