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palilalia (usa) #pal-030 cs

chris corsano / bill orcuttlive at various” c40 cassette

  • live at various (1)

  • live at various (2)
march 2014 release ; ... just a coupla copies left of this “tour onlytape (and none - not a one - of any of the others ... seriously, if you want the leg / heads-up on super-limited stuff like this, please subscribe to our “new arrivals” live-feed ::

... you’ll never miss another “edition of 40” again ; just think of the killing you’ll make on discogs !!!)
a dense collage of basheries captured out in the wild ...
palilalia press release...
pal-030 chris corsano & bill orcutt c40 cassette
live at various
edition of 70.

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