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new underground (usa) #nu666 cd

gary kaila soundtrack for nightmares • solo electronic music 1979-1983” compact disc-recordable

  • centering, or more ugly black stuff (29:20) 1983
  • backward motion (6:12) 1980
  • they should leave (5:55) 1979
  • buried alive (16:32) 1979
june 2010 release ; ... a few years back while on tour in france, my host played me the gary kail / zurich 1916creative nihilism” double lp (iridescence, 1984) with which i was immediately smitten (i’ve yet to track it down at anywhere near a reasonable price) ... it’s a sprawling collection of “punktape music, steeped in the iron glow of “metal machine music” & featuring input from later players like brad laner, carla bozulich, and the like, all recorded under the auspices of anti guitarist garywhatever kail ...

right around the same time as he was architecting said lp, gary did a bit of “solo electronic music” ; all collected here & issued for the first time since the 1984 micro-cassette edition (the one damned with faint praise by tim yohannan below) ... listening to this with contemporary ears / sensibilities in place, it’s clear that this should be seen as much more than a one-off weekend “out sesh ; the opening track’s endless moog-drone, guitar scrape, & reverb-tank bash predate sunn o)))’s similarly aligned tracks by a coupla decades - and while the straight reich / anders-persson plunderphonic voice-phasing of “they should leaveis what it is, the noise-guitar shrapnel of “backward motion” sounds like a west coast hardcore variant on allan bryant’s “space guitars” & the closing track’s alarm-call electronics & stream-of-consciousness echo-tank ruminations are exactly the sort of thing i have dreams about finding ...

nicely-produced cd-r edition ; comes in a flat-black joule with a sticker affixed to the front ; liner card inside, stickered-on discface ; highly recommended !!!
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maximumrocknroll issue 13 (april 1984) ::

gary kail - "a soundtrack for nightmares" cassette

the other side of gary (from anti and mood of defiance) emerges in this classical experimental "music ." actually, only one "piece" approaches music, as the rest consists mainly of tape loops, extended notes, and noise. so drop that of lsd, have that thorazine near at hand, and venture out into the stratosphere . (tim yohannan)

(new underground- - 4365 w . 153rd st .-- lawndale, ca 90360)

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