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mimaroglu music sales faq & general information

what is mms ? where are you located ? how fresh is the info on this site ?
mimaroglu music sales is both a distributor (as in, we sell to record shops, galleries, mail-order outlets, and "distros") & retailer (as in, we sell directly to you) of select electronic & experimental music run by keith fullerton whitman (i.e. the "head honcho" in charge of sales, acquisitions, accounting, the website here, etc) & geoff mullen (the "logistics officer" in charge of shipping, receiving, and fulfillment) out of a private office located in sunny inman square, cambridge, massachusetts ...

our mailing address is ::

mimaroglu music sales
186 hampshire street #2
cambridge, ma 02139 usa

the mms site was last updated on sunday, november 1st, @ 2:34pm. ...
how can i contact you ?
... while we (attempt to) maintain a presence on facebook, twitter, etc ... in reality we never check those things, vastly preferring email for all correspondence ... to get in touch, please write us on ::

sales (at) mimaroglumusicsales (dot) com

please note ; if your message is of a solicitational nature and you haven't heard back from us, assume the answer is "no" ; or at the very least "not right now" ... if your query is regarding on an order you've already placed via this site, please read the info in your detailed order receipt (we have a separate, dedicated email account set up solely for post-order-placement concerns and/or follow-up/through) ...
how can i buy items listed on this site for myself ?
the best, and in fact the only way to place an order is by using the shopping cart & checkout features strewn throughout the site ... to begin, click on the cover-image of any item currently listed on this site, then click the ".cart." and/or ".checkout." buttons in the menu-bar to modify and/or place said order ...
how can i buy items that are listed on this site to sell via my record shop ?
while there is a separate "b2b" website for shop-sales in the works, for now we're dealing with stores in a decidely "offline" manner ... just email us on the address above and one of us will send you an updated "shoplist" detailing everything we (currently) have on offer to shops ...
can i pick up an order or browse in person ?
for all intents & purposes, mms is a "behind closed doors" operation ; our hours are erratic, and we're not set up to handle the general public ... that said, if you're local and/or coming through town, of course you're welcome to place an order via the site & arrange for a "pick-up" - but please give us a minimum of 2-3 days to have everything you want all picked and ready to go before you arrive ...
what is your shipping policy ?
we ship all orders via either the united states postal service (usps) or the united parcel service (ups) ; several different variations of the two aforementioned methods are available as soon as you add the first item to the shopping cart ...
when is the best time to place an order ?
orders placed over the weekend are not contended with until the following tuesday morning and do not ship until tuesday afternoon at the earliest (the same also goes for most email and other correspondence) ; during a regular, non-holiday business week, the bulk of finalized orders ship on tuesday & friday afternoons ...
what about returns ?
any defective or damaged goods, or items received in error can of course be exchanged for the correct ones or comparable credit ...
can i send you something for distribution consideration ?

we generally advise that you not send us any unsolicited materials ; your best bet is always to simply send us a detailed email with all of the relevant information far in advance of the "release date" (this is crucial ; please don't solicit us on anything that's already "out" !!!) ... if we're able to handle distribution for you & the timing & pricing are right (again, keeping in mind that we sell both to shops & the general public) we'll get in touch ...

who programmed your site ? how safe is your shopping cart ?
the nuts & bolts of the mimaroglu music sales web site were built from scratch, with the exception of our secure shopping cart software by americart ; all credit card transactions are processed by authorize.net using their 'advanced integration method', a highly secure, 128-bit encrypted system that uses a dedicated server ...
who is mimaroglu ?
ilhan mimaroglu; he's responsible for much good in this musical universe as a composer ::

"wings of the delirious demon and other electronic works" (finnadar, 1971)
"music for jean dubuffet's coucou bazaar" (finnadar, 1973)
"tract: a composition of agitprop music" (folkways, 1975)
"to kill a sunrise / la ruche" (folkways, 1976)
"face the windmills, turn left" (finnadar, 1976)

... and as a producer / collaborator/ enabler ::

freddie hubbard / ilhan mimaroglu "sing me a song of songmy" (atlantic, 1971)
charles mingus "changes one / changes two" (atlantic, 1974-1975)
linda & sonny sharrock "paradise" (atco, 1975)
don pullen "montreux concert" (atlantic, 1977)
"music of the whilrling dervishes" (finnadar/atlantic, 1987)

mms is not officially aligned with ilhan in any way...
gm kfw lp covers, 05/09
..,. we love tapes !!!
the usps :: "we care" ...
nybz is helping !!!
the mms office, mid-week ...
geoff @ cambridge common ...

mimaroglu music sales faq & general information