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... while we largely kept our heads down during the greater part of 2012 (geoff began a post-grad program, i spent the latter half of the year commuting between cambridge & melbourne) there was much to celebrate in the world of new releases of both new music & archival classics ...

... below you'll find a complete listing of everything that's still in stock and/or in print that landed here @ mms during the calendar year 2012 that we (both) dug, that sold well, that didn't sell well (despite our enthusiasm) ...
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ricerca sonora (italy) #rs1 lp

philip corneritalian air: wind, water & metal • aria italiana: vento, acqua & metallo” long playing record

  • ear wave” (16:58) 1994

  • gong/ear” (11:57) 1990
  • i respiri/the breaths” (8:38) 1992
february 2012 release ; ... sublime, “art-gallery” edition from the italian ricerca sonora imprint, covering three of fluxus artist philip corner’s 90’s sound-works, each involving site-specific explorations of instrumental interference (gong, alp-horn) recorded outside in “the elements” ...

comes as a deluxe, full-color lp edition with two inserts (detailed below) ; highly recommended !!!
ricerca sonora press release ::

ricerca sonora

philip corner
italian air: wind, water & metal lp
label: ricerca sonora
cat.: rs1
format: vinyl lp
edition: 300 copies
edition of 300 copies. single cover with 2 inserts.

ricerca sonora proudly presents, as its first release (rs1), a new philip corner album titled italian air: wind, water & metal (aria italiana: vento, acqua & metallo).
philip corner (b. 1933) studied composition with henry cowell and otto luening and musical analysis with oliver messiaen. during the 1960s and 70s he was an active member of fluxus, a founder (along with james tenney and malcolm goldstein) of the tone roads chamber ensemble, the resident musician and composer for the judson dance theatre, and co-founder of gamelan son of lion (with barbara benary and daniel goode).
"italian air: wind, water & metal" presents three previously unpublished compositions by philip corner recorded in various locations.

on side 1 "ear wave" (venice, october 1994) is a long piece for korean cymbal in water: an ecstatic composition recorded and played outdoor by phil corner; acousmatic interjections of metallic resonances and subtle water sounds; you can listen the distant sound of the midnight bell of san marco in venice.

on the second side the track "gong/ear" recorded in june 1990 (s.andrea di rovereto, italy) phil corner plays gong together with rain and thunder for an abstracted and strongly emotional track.

followed by i respiri/the breaths an avant-garde composition for alphorn and gong recorded in 1992 (at teatro scandicci).
philip corner is truly the equal of john cage in bringing us to examine what we call music and how we understand music-making.

in few words, philip corner is one of the most important figure of the american avant-garde.


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april 3rd, 2012


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phaserprone (usa) #ppr22 lp

nilnilmonic process” long playing record

  • 01a
  • 02a
  • 03a
  • 04a
  • 05a
  • 06a

  • 07a
  • 08b
  • 09b
  • 10b
  • 11b
  • 12b
  • 13b
  • 14b
march 2012 release ; ... debut release from this new aggregation of phaserprone’s jonasgrasslungasher & jochen hartmann, starting with mackie mixer-feedback, transforming it via digital processes into a series of short studies that hedge the raster-noton aesthetic with a noisier, mid-90’s mego-stylesound research” feel ...

... as always w/ pp, it’s kind of a ridiculously nice edition (esp. given the price !!!) ; crisp, mono-color sleeve opens up to a rather detailed full-color inner sleeve (detail below) rife with tdr™-style cracked-architecture mapping(s) of the nillogo” ...

a really nicely done record ; highly recommended !!!
phaserprone press release ::

nilmonic process
ppr22 / lp

nilmonic process was developed through a self formulated language of both loose form free-feedback (nilmonic process) and computer generated composition (nilmonic processors). simple and raw, black-box pedal feedback in one regard, but meticulously structured and digital in another. bent perception anti-synth. first all pro printed release in the phaserprone catalog (and possibly/most likely, the last pro printed release in the phaserprone catalog?).

cut at d&m. edition of 300.

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tochnit aleph (germany) #ta 107 cd

gerhard rühmverlautbarungen” compact disc

  • glaubensbekenntnis (1973) (3:49)
  • gruppendynamik (1982) (2:36)
  • der wallfahrt lohn (1982) (3:56)
  • rausch (1972) (3:10)
  • seufzerprozession (2009) (3:36)
  • ungleiche brüder (2001) (1:37)
  • verlautbarung. eine sprechstudie in amtsdeutsch (2006) (3:33)

  • expressionen (1952-1954) (3:45)
  • gebet (1954) (0:56)
  • atemgedichte (1954) (0:54)
  • hymne an lesbierinnen (1956) (1:18)
  • phonetische meditation (1985) (3:46)
  • lautgedichte (2000) (2:04)
  • aleatorische und symmetrische lautstudie (2006) (1:17)
  • 12! ein zahlengedichte (1979) (2:49)

  • zwei anektdotische sprechduette (2012) (2:15)
  • pressenotizen (2000) (4:44)
  • schweine, menschen, engel (2001) (5:59)
  • glaube liebe hoffnung (2002) (2:45)
  • getäuschtes vertrauen (2007) (4:46)
  • gebären und bestatten (2007) (3:45)
  • schimpfduett (1:11)
  • sprechtänze (2008) (4:33)
july 2012 release ; ... impeccable collection of “wiener gruppe” member gerhard rühm’s marble-mouthed sound-poetry, recorded by marcus schmickler in köln, collecting his major works in the style from 1952 on ...

... fans of the chopin / heidsieck axis seeking a teutonic variant will find much to fümms bö wö tää zää uu about herein ...
tochnit aleph press release ::

gerhard rühm

tochnit aleph ta107

cd presenting 37 solo text-pieces, phonetic poems and poetry duets (with monika lichtenfeld) written and composed between 1952 and 2010. recorded 2011 at piethopraxis tonstudio, cologne by marcus schmickler. comes with 24 page booklet with liner notes by gerhard rühm in english & german.

gerhard rühm (b.1930) is an austrian writer, visual artist, composer, performer of experimental / phonetic poetry, radio and theatre author and publisher. he is considered one of the most important artists of experimental poetry. he studied piano and composition at the national academy of music and interpretative arts in vienna and later received private tuition from josef matthias hauer. he lives in cologne and vienna.

gerhard rühm was a founding member of the wiener gruppe (1954-1960) with friedrich achleitner, h.c. artmann, konrad bayer, and oswald wiener. given the radicalism of their writing, works of art, and happenings, the group is considered to be the first avantgarde movement in austria, thus contributing decisively to the origin of the vienna actionism. rühm belongs to the classics of modern german-language literature. scores of new genres, such as "visual music", "auditory poetry" and "gestural drawing", are among his wide-ranging, heterogenous work that emerges from the interface of literature, visual art and music. his work, which bears the influence of expressionism and dadaism, is often based on ready-made material taken from everyday life, which he then adapts using a particular formula. in a spirit of play, and without subjecting himself too rigidly to self-imposed rules, astounding, multi-layered effects of meaning emerge from an extreme concentration of means.

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may 7th, 2012


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wholly other (usa) #wo 16 lp

spiderwebsbrighton beach” long playing record

  • fossilized whispers

  • cyclone skyline
april 2012 release ; ... third album from the duo of sandy ewen & charalambidestom carter, their first since a pair of releases back in 2006 for music fellowship & collective jyrk ...

... in another time (the mid-90’s) no one would have batted an eyelash as such an exquisite blend of noise guitar shrapnelry & more lyrical forms ... but considering the drought we’re in at the moment w/r/t to actual, interesting electric guitar music (no ... do not plug that hondo les paul clone into your infinite echo box please for the love of god) this sounds like a million bucks, showcasing not just sandy & tom’s respective adeptnesses at channeling their raw amplified wood blocks into excoriating electronic noise machines, but their individualized strategies in note-choice(s) & general blues-lineage phrasing & “feel” ...

excellent record ; comes in a hand-screened sleeve (colors vary from the shown milky blue to a more volcanic red) along with a “photo insert(detail below) & one with credits & whatnot (ditto) ... highly recommended !!!
wholly other press release ::

wholly other is excited to announce our first lp since 2008:

spiderwebs brighton beach.

spiderwebs is the duo of tom carter (charalambides, etc.) and houston improvising guitarist sandy ewen, whose growing body of work includes a trio album with weasel walter & damon smith, several albums with rock group weird weeds, and collaborations with pauline oliveros, tatsuya nakatani, jaap blonk, annette krebs, bhob rainey, sabir mateen, j.d. emmanuel, and many others.

starting from the sparse and sometimes pastoral base of spiderwebstwo previous releases strands formerly braided (music fellowship) and away away (collective jyrk), brighton beach constructs towers of fuzz, electronics, and naked scrape from which the duo launch deep into the inarticulate heart of sonic maximalism.

since spiderwebs' 2003 inception, carter's guitar playing has traveled a long, strange road from his spacious improvisations with heather leigh-era charalambides to the immersive pyrotechnics of his current solo playbook. ewen’s mangled percussive explosions, high-harmonic shrieks, and bailey-esque realtime stereo panning echo the aesthetic terrorism of electric donald miller, and provide a perfect foil to carter’s damaged looping psychedelia. both push their sound to improbable extremes to launch spiderwebs into the upper realms of higher-key incandescence.

edition of 255 hand-numbered & hand-titled copies with 2-color silkscreen covers and photo / text inserts.


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february 8th, 2012


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emerald cocoon (usa) #ec 007 ep
alone together (usa) #alone together 5 ep

pete swansonhigh time b/w trees” seven inch single record

  • high time

  • trees
january 2012 release ... fifth in the “alone togetherseries ; a pair of covers by pete swanson of dadamah (kim pieters, roy montgomery, peter stapleton, janine stagg) & gate (the dead c’s michael morley) ... both done in a strikingly reverent style (which is to say there’s a fair bit of overlap between pete’s production ethos & that of the entire kiwi underground) ...
emerald cocoon press release ::

pete swanson
alone together #5 - high time / trees 7" [ec007]

pete swanson's love for the new zealand underground is no secret (rumour has it that he engineered the entire yellow swans new zealand tour of 2005 just so he could procure a copy of the pin group 'goes to town' 12"), so we were pleasantly unsurprised when pete turned in two re-imaginings of classic nz underground tracks as his contribution to the alone together series.

what surprised us greatly though was the form that they took: sparkling acoustic guitar, audible vocals, audible room tone – this was a pete swanson we'd never heard before. although his signature degradation systems are still in place (both sides end with a blown-out acoustic guitar emulating dirty-needled distortion), acoustic strings, four walls and a voice dominate, dislocated just enough to give you the sense that the world ends at your bedroom walls. this is a sound that shouldn't be unfamiliar to anyone previously baptised by 4-track channelled lathe transmissions from the bottom of the world. the dusty gems re-interpreted here are 'high time' by seminal christchurch kvltists dadamah (originally released as a 7" on the genius majora label circa '91) and 'trees' from gate's recent downer-techno masterpiece 'a republic of sadness', both are redolent of the darkest, coldest dunedin winter as imagined from half a world away.

edition of 300.

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