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mimaroglu music sales best of 2010
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... and here we land again (a little more timely than last year, so there's that) ....

of the 1,092 titles (that's just the slimmest hair under 3-per-day ; not bad) we took responsibility for throughout 2010, the listings below represent what we feel are the best-of-the-best ; the titles that did very well for us, the ones that didn't (despite our enthusiasm & unilateral proselytizing on their behalf), the ones that raised the bar in terms of sound / design / concept, the ones that crept into our collective consciousness, the ones that became earworms & memes (geoff, literally, every single day, could be caught singing "i'm a zeven inch zingle" at some point throughout) ... i.e. the good stuff ...

for the first time this year, we both decided to do separate lists on top of what we were feeling of the mms-stocked stuff ; just to give use each some other way to express the zeitgeist ca. 2010 ...

keith's mms top 20 of 2010

new music ::

bill orcutt "way down south" (palilalia)
kevin drumm "necro acoustic" & "s/t" (pica disk) & (thin wrist)
jooklo duo "the warrior" (northern spy)
eli keszler "oxtirn" (esp-disk')
geoff mullen "bongo closet" (type)
terrorism "skyguide" (hospital productions)
dj yo-yo dieting "bubble thug" & "regurgitation as birth" (weird forest) & (cherried-out merch)
flower man "house of cards" (flanger magazine)
tomutonttu / oneohtrix point never "split" (alter)
"3 track 12"" (editions mego)
graham lambkin & jason lescalleet "air supply" (erstwhile)
larry marshall "queer and wonder" (rare youth)
messages "messages" (de stijl)
douglas quin "fathom" (taiga)
gärden sound "black summit" (digitalis vinyl)
raglani / outer space "split" (nihilist)
schurt kwitters "schurt kwitters" (open mouth)
usurper "let's just see what happens • 2.1.3" (rel)
tashi wada "alignment" (yik yak)

archival issues ::

"music for merce" (new world)
björn føngaard
"elektrofoni" (prisma)
tom hamilton
"pieces for kohn" (kvist)
otto muehl "psycho motorik" (no label)
fille qui mousse "trixie stapleton 291 • se tair pour une femme trop belle" (bichon)
charlie nothing "charlie nothing & dingulator" (de stijl)
alvin curran "under the fig tree" (die schachtel)
jean-claude eloy "shanti" & "gaku no michi" (hors territoires)
spela själv "reportage : spela själv" (no label)
heldon "allez teia" & "electronique guerilla" (wah-wah)
trevor wishart "fanfare & contrapunctus / imago" (pan)
gary kail "a soundtrack for nightmares" (new underground)
daphne oram "oramics" (young americans)
jim shepard / vertical slit "slit & pre-slit" (smudge)
charanjit singh "synthesizing * ten ragas to a disco beat" (bombay connection)
"enkele gemotiveerde produktiemedewerkers" (petri supply)
tristram cary "it's time for" (trunk)
love cry want "love cry want" (weird forest)

honorable mentions :: tapes on cylindrical habitat modules, catholic tapes, agents of chaos, nna tapes, razors & medicine, sloow tapes, wagon, semata, and deception island ...
geoff's mms top 20 of 2010

20 + 1, best of 2010 @ mimaroglu music sales

brian rurykcycle of fordsbennifer editions

j.d. emmanuelancient minimal meditationsnorth star productions

james ferrarolast american heroolde english spelling bee

otto muehl psycho motorikno label

charanjit singhsynthesizing ten ragas to a disco beatbombay connection

frieder butzmanni’m a 7 inch singleultra eczema

parson sounds/t” 3lp box, subliminal sounds

no ufo’ssoft coastnice up international

luc ferrariephemere i & iialga marghen

jim shepard / vertical slitslit & pre-slitsmudge

work/deathtender comradessemata productions

eli keszleroxtirnesp

tristram caryit’s time for tristram cary” lp

douglas quinfathom” lp

pietro grossicombinatoriadie schachtel

sigurd bergeearly electronic worksprisma

bjorn fongaardelektrofoniprisma

angst hase pfeffer naseseashard (elongated)no label


fille que moussetrixie stapleton 291bichon

various artistsmusic for mercenew world
keith's non-mms top 20 of 2010

gaspar noe
's "enter the void" movie ; scott jaeger's "the harvestman" eurorack synthesizer modules ; playing music at kevin harris' "floating laboratories" in saint louis ; finally getting a copy of the parmegiani / mestres-quadreny lp on emi ; c.c. hennix "the electric harpsichord" on die schachtel ; tobor experiment's "berna" vintage electronic music studio software for mac os x ; "revenge of the summon monsters" game for iphone ; hecker, kevin drumm, and jessica rylan live @ mit, during the maryanne amacher tribute ; "the complete arista recordings of anthony braxton" (mosaic) ; 4ms' "rotating clock divider" & "shuffling clock multiplier" eurorack modules ; hanging out in and recording an entire minimal-synth album in karl ekdahl's home studio ; synthesis technology's "e350 morphing terrarium" eurorack module ; batavus "old dutch" single-speed bicycle ; strymon's "el capistan dtape echo" guitar pedal ; the pauline oliveros / eliane radique / yoshi wada / sun circle "attention patterns" 2lp on black pollen press ; "the creeps!" game for iphone / ipad ; deerhunter "halcyon digest" (4ad) ; and playing at a series of well-organized & well-attented domestic experimental music festivals (high zero, neon marshmallow, hopscotch, propensity of sound) ...
geoff's non-mms top 20 of 2010

10 + 2, twelve hop-forward beers to be enjoyed in and around cambridge, ma

founders red rye pa
founders centennial ipa
bear republic racer 5 ipa
reisdorff kolsch
pizza port wipeout ipa
brewdog punk ipa
pretty things hedgerow bitter
pretty things american darling
coniston bluebird bitter
brasserie de la senne taras boulba
cask-conditioned green flash west coast ipa
wormtown ipa

[ed ; calling kölsch "hop-forward" is like calling coca-cola "funky"] ...

all the best for 2011 ... -keith fullerton whitman (mms' sole executive chieftan) & geoff mullen (mms' logistics officer)
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mimaroglu music sales best of 2010