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mimaroglu music sales best of 2010
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... and here we land again (a little more timely than last year, so there's that) ....

of the 1,092 titles (that's just the slimmest hair under 3-per-day ; not bad) we took responsibility for throughout 2010, the listings below represent what we feel are the best-of-the-best ; the titles that did very well for us, the ones that didn't (despite our enthusiasm & unilateral proselytizing on their behalf), the ones that raised the bar in terms of sound / design / concept, the ones that crept into our collective consciousness, the ones that became earworms & memes (geoff, literally, every single day, could be caught singing "i'm a zeven inch zingle" at some point throughout) ... i.e. the good stuff ...

for the first time this year, we both decided to do separate lists on top of what we were feeling of the mms-stocked stuff ; just to give use each some other way to express the zeitgeist ca. 2010 ...

keith's mms top 20 of 2010

new music ::

bill orcutt "way down south" (palilalia)
kevin drumm "necro acoustic" & "s/t" (pica disk) & (thin wrist)
jooklo duo "the warrior" (northern spy)
eli keszler "oxtirn" (esp-disk')
geoff mullen "bongo closet" (type)
terrorism "skyguide" (hospital productions)
dj yo-yo dieting "bubble thug" & "regurgitation as birth" (weird forest) & (cherried-out merch)
flower man "house of cards" (flanger magazine)
tomutonttu / oneohtrix point never "split" (alter)
"3 track 12"" (editions mego)
graham lambkin & jason lescalleet "air supply" (erstwhile)
larry marshall "queer and wonder" (rare youth)
messages "messages" (de stijl)
douglas quin "fathom" (taiga)
gärden sound "black summit" (digitalis vinyl)
raglani / outer space "split" (nihilist)
schurt kwitters "schurt kwitters" (open mouth)
usurper "let's just see what happens • 2.1.3" (rel)
tashi wada "alignment" (yik yak)

archival issues ::

"music for merce" (new world)
björn føngaard
"elektrofoni" (prisma)
tom hamilton
"pieces for kohn" (kvist)
otto muehl "psycho motorik" (no label)
fille qui mousse "trixie stapleton 291 • se tair pour une femme trop belle" (bichon)
charlie nothing "charlie nothing & dingulator" (de stijl)
alvin curran "under the fig tree" (die schachtel)
jean-claude eloy "shanti" & "gaku no michi" (hors territoires)
spela själv "reportage : spela själv" (no label)
heldon "allez teia" & "electronique guerilla" (wah-wah)
trevor wishart "fanfare & contrapunctus / imago" (pan)
gary kail "a soundtrack for nightmares" (new underground)
daphne oram "oramics" (young americans)
jim shepard / vertical slit "slit & pre-slit" (smudge)
charanjit singh "synthesizing * ten ragas to a disco beat" (bombay connection)
"enkele gemotiveerde produktiemedewerkers" (petri supply)
tristram cary "it's time for" (trunk)
love cry want "love cry want" (weird forest)

honorable mentions :: tapes on cylindrical habitat modules, catholic tapes, agents of chaos, nna tapes, razors & medicine, sloow tapes, wagon, semata, and deception island ...
geoff's mms top 20 of 2010

20 + 1, best of 2010 @ mimaroglu music sales

brian rurykcycle of fordsbennifer editions

j.d. emmanuelancient minimal meditationsnorth star productions

james ferrarolast american heroolde english spelling bee

otto muehl psycho motorikno label

charanjit singhsynthesizing ten ragas to a disco beatbombay connection

frieder butzmanni’m a 7 inch singleultra eczema

parson sounds/t” 3lp box, subliminal sounds

no ufo’ssoft coastnice up international

luc ferrariephemere i & iialga marghen

jim shepard / vertical slitslit & pre-slitsmudge

work/deathtender comradessemata productions

eli keszleroxtirnesp

tristram caryit’s time for tristram cary” lp

douglas quinfathom” lp

pietro grossicombinatoriadie schachtel

sigurd bergeearly electronic worksprisma

bjorn fongaardelektrofoniprisma

angst hase pfeffer naseseashard (elongated)no label


fille que moussetrixie stapleton 291bichon

various artistsmusic for mercenew world
keith's non-mms top 20 of 2010

gaspar noe
's "enter the void" movie ; scott jaeger's "the harvestman" eurorack synthesizer modules ; playing music at kevin harris' "floating laboratories" in saint louis ; finally getting a copy of the parmegiani / mestres-quadreny lp on emi ; c.c. hennix "the electric harpsichord" on die schachtel ; tobor experiment's "berna" vintage electronic music studio software for mac os x ; "revenge of the summon monsters" game for iphone ; hecker, kevin drumm, and jessica rylan live @ mit, during the maryanne amacher tribute ; "the complete arista recordings of anthony braxton" (mosaic) ; 4ms' "rotating clock divider" & "shuffling clock multiplier" eurorack modules ; hanging out in and recording an entire minimal-synth album in karl ekdahl's home studio ; synthesis technology's "e350 morphing terrarium" eurorack module ; batavus "old dutch" single-speed bicycle ; strymon's "el capistan dtape echo" guitar pedal ; the pauline oliveros / eliane radique / yoshi wada / sun circle "attention patterns" 2lp on black pollen press ; "the creeps!" game for iphone / ipad ; deerhunter "halcyon digest" (4ad) ; and playing at a series of well-organized & well-attented domestic experimental music festivals (high zero, neon marshmallow, hopscotch, propensity of sound) ...
geoff's non-mms top 20 of 2010

10 + 2, twelve hop-forward beers to be enjoyed in and around cambridge, ma

founders red rye pa
founders centennial ipa
bear republic racer 5 ipa
reisdorff kolsch
pizza port wipeout ipa
brewdog punk ipa
pretty things hedgerow bitter
pretty things american darling
coniston bluebird bitter
brasserie de la senne taras boulba
cask-conditioned green flash west coast ipa
wormtown ipa

[ed ; calling kölsch "hop-forward" is like calling coca-cola "funky"] ...

all the best for 2011 ... -keith fullerton whitman (mms' sole executive chieftan) & geoff mullen (mms' logistics officer)
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 best of 2010 !!! 
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aguirre (belgium) #zorn 03 lp

brother ravendiving into the pineapple portal • eagle vision” long playing record and c40 cassette set

  • diving into the pineapple portal (12:54)
  • it's raining in atlantis (2:06)

  • speaking whale from my sea canoe (8:46)
  • happy astronaut (6:14)

  • eagle vision
  • four walled world

  • back to tonasket's hand
  • tran's mission
  • salamander
  • the foragers
october 2010 release ; deluxeultra analoguevinyl reissue of gift tape #gt000, complete with an exclusive tape of new material ...

while the reissue is a thing of wonder (like many of you, i wasn’t hipped to the majesty of gift tapes until the label’s second batch, missing this inaugural statement) steeped in wobbly, wow / flutter-addled drone-sound, both geoff & i agree that the set’s finest moments come on the tape (true to the duo’s whole modus) ; containing an extended set (another whole albumsworth, essentially) of more contemporary materials ...

excellent work on both fronts ; glad these guys are finally getting some recognition out in the world (case-in-point, this belgian issue) ; highly recommended !!!
aguirre press release ::

brother ravendiving into the pineapple portal lp

the synth explorations by brother raven recall cluster & harmonia with a touch of dream & fantasy. diving into the pineapple portal offers you a view into the craters of the synthesizer moon, seen from earth through 3d new age glasses. the original tape release of ditpp was only handed out to a few friends & artists. as this is one of their most profilic recordings, it deserves a proper release.

brother raven is a seattle-based duo that creates experimental music through improvisations with synthesizers, tape, and effects. drawing influence from synth music of the early 80s, inuit mythology, and time travel, their music combines the atmospheric zones of space music with the positive-vibe ambiance of early new age. formed in 2008 by jamie potter and jason e anderson.

released in an edition of 300.
comes with an optional c40 tape: eagle vision

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nihilist (usa) #nihil 63 lp

kevin drumm / john wieseuntitled” long playing record

  • untitled (1) (4:56)
  • untitled (2) (3:29)
  • untitled (3) (7:53)

  • untitled (4) (6:57)
  • untitled (5) (8:20)
  • untitled (6) (3:14)
  • untitled (7) (1:39)
april 2010 release ; yes !!! this record has been in the works for a while now, covering a series of pieces recorded in collaboration back in 2006 by two of contemporary experimental music’s more ardent providers :: kevin drumm and john wiese ... glad it’s finally out !!!

oscillating between long sections of static spectral smear & heavily cut-up, explosion-oriented stereo-field mania (listen to the sound-sample, only but a few minutes at the tail end of side one) ; this is anything but a routine exercise for either party, with kevin savagely bashing a guitar & john transforming said into a multi-tiered attack of constantly morphing gain-stages ...

easily the most “hi-fiharsh noise recording i’ve hear all year ; the mastering & pressing quality are stellar throughout (natch i love the satanic cat insert as well ; detail below) ; highly recommended !!!
nihilist press release ::

kevin drumm / john wiese
untitled lp (2010)

very long awaited collaborative record by two fellows that need no introduction. mania inducing heavy waves of suffocating bass frequencies with ripping and tearing, hissing and speaker destroying hellstorm. recorded in chicago in 2006, cover art by alex decarli. pro-pressed covers pressed on black vinyl.

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digitalis vinyl (usa) #digiv028 lp

gärden söundblack summit” long playing record

  • forbidden paradise
  • beast of burden

  • hidden origin
  • obsidian sky
october 2010 release ; debut release from this new aggregate, featuring 2/2’s of barn owl & eternal tapestry’s dewey mahood & jed bindeman ...

the curious use of umlauts would lead one to believe that the intended destination is gårdet ca. 1970, but the two main pieces are definitely rooted in seattle ca. 1991 ; monolithic guitar bloom, caveman drums and the like ... that said, the two “opener” pieces show a lighter touch, with some nice, snaking, modal guitar interplay amidst jed’s subtle malletings ...
digitalis vinyl press release ::
digiv028: gärden sound "black summit lp

when it comes to blown-out psychedelia, the first current band i want to hear is eternal tapestry. when it comes to desolate desert blues, that band is barn owl. those are two pretty potent names in the world of experimental music right now so when 4/5 of them join up for some portland sessions, that's good news for us all. gärden sound is the quartet of dewey mahood and jed bindeman of eternal tapestry (as well as plankton wat & heavy winged, respectively) and jon porras and evan caminiti of barn owl. "black summit" is their first charcoal-lined foray into the deep and if you can't get lost in this haze, there's not much hope.

immediately evident is the incredible restraint shown by all four players. they're not being timid or trying to feel each other out, but there's an obvious level of comfort and understanding between each. with three guitars and bindeman's trademark drumming, it would be easy to drown everything in full-on sludge but gärden sound are too damn good to play that game. opener, "forbidden paradise," sets the scene. methodical guitar works lull the listener into a solemn state of comfort while bindeman adds to the hypnosis with tribal-infused narcotic rhythms. the build-up is slow but gets you ready for the knock-down blasts of "beast of burden." heavy stomp and zoned-out, smoked-out guitar riffs that blow the roof to oblivion. this is music that needs to be played as loud as you can stand it.

"hidden origin" calms things back down, contemplating the next move while finding its way through the blackened labryinth concocted by porras, caminiti and mahood. each guitarist finds his own path as they lead each other to the prize. the 14-minute closer, "obsidian sky," brings everything home. sprawling riffage like a dense forest of apocalyptic crumble. desolation takes hold as the molasses drones take shape and form themselves into an unpassable mountain of debris. it's mind-bending and cathartic; a sonic temple crushed to ash so it can rise again. gärden sound prove worthy opponents, ably standing on their own and stomping out their own trail toward the stars.

mastered by james plotkin. vinyl only edition of 400 copies w/ original cover art by evan caminiti.

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northern spy (usa) #ns 003 ep

jooklo duothe warrior” seven inch single record

  • primitive power (4:23)

  • fire liberation (5:26)
november 2010 release ; now that’s what i’m talking about ... after being whispered about in the most hallowed of halls, the duo of virginia genta (whose recent rooftop duo set w/ chris corsano on 8mm was an out-and-out slayer) & david vanzan finally get a “mass-market” edition ...

hot on the heels of gigs w/ sabu toyozumi & sonny simmons ... and a week-long run at the barbican in london (where they performed musical accompaniment to merce cunningham’s final piece, alongside takehisa kosugi, john paul jones [!?], and sonic youth) comes this devastating blast, equal parts ayler-lineage “fire music” and borbetomagus-styled carpet-bombing that’s as powerfully psychedelic as it gets ...

comes in nice screen-printed sleeve (c/o eli keszler’s rel studio) on some bonded stock, with a b/w insert ... one of the singles of the year afa my own sensibilities are concerned ; highly recommended !!!
northern spy press release ::

catalog #: nsvs 003
artist: jooklo duo
title: the warrior

genre: avant jazz
number of discs: 1
format: 7
street date: 11/09/2010

artists on this album
virginia genta: tenor and soprano sax, clarinet
david vanzan: drums

not since albert ayler stalked the hamnar of stockholm and reverberated his fire music off the walls of les tenements has there been an avant-garde jazz saxophonist who can all out wail like virginia genta can. don’t let her calm presence fool you. nor should david vanzan’s taller stature lead to believe this is not an equal opportunity free jazz freak-out. from when their poles first were converged by the cosmic force in 1999, italy’s (with finnish godparents) jooklo duo has been winning hearts and brains worldwide through jaw-dropping performances and a series of limited edition releases keeping at bay ravenous fans only long enough to get to the next gig. now, for their first u.s. release, northern-spy records launches its own assault on an as yet unsuspecting public with the 7, the warrior.

recorded october 11th, 2010, at troglosound home studio, it’s as compact and complex as a leather-bound book of esoterica ready to haul you off to the most hidden lands of universal energy.

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monorail trespassing (usa) #mt76 cs

larval hairsaedes flashback” double c45 cassette set

  • ovum

  • conceal

  • transform

  • emerge
january 2010 release ; intriguing simultaneous-play double-tape set from eric fry (aka pink buffalo, scumbag relations) ... keening, high-mid difference tones that are “completed” inside your skull ; great to see folks from the “noise” “scene” picking up on the breadcrumb trail laid out by eliane radigue & maryanne amacher et.al ...

ps. i’ve put up a 5-minute segment of sides a & c playing simultaneously as the sound-sample ; dig in ...
monorail trespassing press release ::

[mt76cs] larval hairs aedes flashback double c-45

two parts form a hole ; four side-long tracks of slowly evolving, ultrasonic minimal tones intended for simultaneous play on separate systems -- only with intent listening and isolated concentration does the detail of these works really become apparent. a new project of mr. scumbag relations.

edition of 100, full color double-sided covers and glossy labels.

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rare youth (usa) #ry-31 lp

larry marshallqueer and wonder” long playing record

  • all is forgiven
  • spiritual home
  • little fox
  • my glasses
  • tina’s fake or real

  • love after the bomb
  • pagan worm in a transformational world
  • international punk trick
  • will listen
  • balloon boy
november 2010 release ; reason #101 (as if you needed the other 100) why you should love geoff mullen :: upon receiving a modest grant from the state of rhode island to realize an lp of “localmusic, geoff decides not to blow the dough on a lavish double-lp gatefold of his own music, but instead a nice, well-considered collection by r.i.outsider” genius larry marshall, whose fans & acolytes range from arab on radar (with whom he toured), scøttwork/deathreber (who recorded some of the material here on his old bsr radio show) and chrisophercfforgues (who, along with providing the layout & look of this lovely lp edition, “produced” a few of the tracks in his inimitable style) ; the left-over money was then used to procure larry a suit (“nothing too fancy”) ...

the music here’s wildly divergent, covering a buncha bases ... the solo, live material is as fractured in it’s time scale as that of syd barrett (who sounds like a major influence) ; but then there are the darkwave electro-ballads that are more attuned to a berlin cabaret ca. 1981 than a contemporary olneyville bedsit ... the latent eastern-tinged sensibilities & odd production choices (i.e. doubled-up vocal tracks) that prop up songs like “pagan worm in a transformational world(listen to the sound-sample) place larry squarely in that unbroken continuum of “private” / “real-peoplegenius-types, relevant to fans of the frogs & gary wilson as kenneth higney & peter grudzien ; but on tracks like the openerall is forgiven” his simplistic vocals & casiotronics paint him as naïve as a newborn kitten ...

an awesome record, has me a bit outside my comfort zone in the best possible way (complacency is overrated anyways) ... white & off-brown sleeve contains a nice stiff insert & credit-sheet ; how well this all turned out is a testament to geoff’s stick-tuitive-nuss ... highly recommended !!!
rare youth press release ::

larry marshall queer and wonder  lp

this album is a collection of songs from larry marshall, an elusive and mythic figure whose self-described gothic folk...from the future is presented here for the first time in glowing, psychedelic stereo-surround, etched on black wax.

larry has been living in rhode island for his entire life, and has performed at many of the storied (and now defunct) venues in and around providence, ri. despite this long history, his music is barely known outside of a small circle of close friends and die-hard local fans.

queer and wonder is a collection of songs from larry’s catalog: three tracks were previously released on a small cassette edition from unskilled labor, and a track by the band box patrol (w/larry on vocals and pitch-pipe), was previously released on a cdr by the legendary fort thunder records. the lp is rounded off w/ a few live tracks from a solo gig in manchester, england, a live radio session, and some collaborations unearthed from tapes found in larry’s apartment in west warwick, ri. 

edition of 350, covers designed by cf, w/ inserts / lyric sheet.

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semata productions (usa) #sem-010 lp
razors & medicine (usa) #r&m 25 lp

brendan murray / perispiritbirches and marksmen’s graves (voice and computer #1) b/w compliant victim” long playing record

  • brendan murray - birches and marksmen’s graves (voice and computer #1) (16:30)

  • perispirit - compliant victim (17:00)
march 2010 release ; new music from two of the greater boston area’s finest ...

brendan’s side-length piece shows him branching off in a new direction ; constructed entirely from recordings of avant-vocalist noeill dorsey, “birches” recalls penderecki’s eerie/orgasmic glossolalia with the chromatic dissonance of ruggles’ “sun-trader” ... largely computer-smeared/granulated sounds with stray dottings of “dry” vocals at key dramatic moments ... super effective and seriously creepy !!!

on the flip, luke moldof & ricardo donoso’s perispirit take the reigns, offering up a single, crackle-heavy burst of rectified digitalia, harsh-noise blasting, and lulling guitar waves (and that’s just in the first 3 minutes !!! ) building into a twin-peak climax (listen to the sound-sample for the tail-end of #1) that’s both finely nuanced & quite powerful ...

lovely beige-cream vinyl, full-color labels & jacket ; one of the key releases of the year thusfar ... highly recommended !!!
semata productions press release ::
brendan murray / perispirit split lp
semata productions (sem-010), razors & medicine (r&m25)

razors and medicine and semata productions are pleased to announce the first long playing record release of both brendan murray and perispirit. murray has been making waves around boston, the usa, and the world since 1999. perispirit, the collaborative project of ricardo donoso and luke moldof formed in late 2007, is known by their dynamic live performances and two cassette releases.

brendan murray’s birches and marksman’s graves (voice and computer #1)” is a clear summation of his interest in controlled drones and gestural improvisation with a step into the unknown. murray is always keen to transform and manipulate an instrument sound color to the point of non-recognition, utilizing a single source for this piece: the voice of noell dorsey.

the piece opens with dissonant clusters, moving up and down generating momentum, keeping the music physical while still highly controlled. vague hints of melody lie underneath the cracks trying to seep through but are swallowed up by the turbulence. it gradually gives way to extended technique vocalisms that call to mind sound poetry and at times even the sprechstimme of schoenberg. later the swirling tones return with a combination of both the higher and lower pitch clusters. it sounds like falling infinitely downward.

perispirit’s side offers a statement that is equally focused but bares little if any resemblance to murray’s piece. it can be described as more active than their previous material, utilizing quick sectional transitions, relying on three key components: harsh noise, delicate melodic work, and degraded lo-fi manipulations.

the piece begins with dynamic harsh cutups that pay attention to sound specialization and stereo field manipulations inspired by the likes of sickness and pain jerk. the momentum grows and is quickly brought down to almost nothing creating a feeling of aural blue balls. the process is resumed and then the piece breaks into looping guitar passages with a subtle electronic underpinning. the layers build than disappear. the noise returns building to a heightened peak of frustration until it drops off and we are left with the sound of life’s monotony. gradually a wall of drone begins to creep in and eventually overtakes all else.

edition of 250 pressed on 160 gram off white vinyl featuring full color lp jackets & labels; mastered by kris lapke. available march 1st 2010

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ultra eczema (usa) #ue 81 lp

noise nomadss/t” long playing record

  • recorded april 06
    vocals & tascam 424
    no commercial or
    homemade effects
    were used my moose jaw

  • recorded 7-4-08
    in antwerp
february 2010 release ; and with this one jeffnoise nomadshartford officially enters my (and geoff’s) very short list of people whose recorded releases i uncategorically look forward to deciphering ...

by offering two extended constructs (each executed a few years apart) we get to both proverbial “sides” of jeff’s psychic makeup ; first the solemn, home-recorded terror of the a-side’s “vocals & tascam 424” lacings, then the b-side’s confident, explosion-oriented live-stream...

it’s a great ride through exhibitions public & private ; we’re all that much wiser for having been brought on board ... highly recommended !!!
ultra eczema press release ::

noise nomads
s/t lp

the first time i met jeff hartford aka moose jaw aka noise nomads was around 4 years ago in providence, a tense looking bear putting a mic in front of an amp, leaving the audience alone with a whale of feedback, pretty pretty pretty confused!! he walks out after cranking open the amp, a minute later a giant real christmas tree walks through the audience trying to find the way back to the amp, kicking people over, i guess this show was right after christmas time and jeff found it somewhere or he stared at a young kid that was about to decorate it..

i was very impressed by his show, both sound and performance wise, there was a seriously intense vibe there, felt like he could snap at any given moment and squeeze you to death with a christmas tree..

noise nomads' live sets are always strange, confusing and amazing, an amp iiiiiiiiiiiiiii-ing while the man goes running around the block, a mountain of amps that start talking after he picked a fight with them, a sludgier drummer does not excist.

it was definitely not the last time the man amazed me, his duo set with paul flaherty (which is released on american tapes), the loner car rides i shared with him to his area in the valleys of northampton, his amazing monthly zines and tapes, his drumming with grey skull, his drawings etc..

it's a total psycho package; everything is there; visuals, sounds and a great dude!

the first side of this record was recorded a bunch of years ago and is just voice and tascam! an amazing swollen beast of sound poetry, gargling waanzin, and muffled barking! the b side is the same dude a few years later on his knees in my livingroom screaming through a bassdrum and a contact mic attached to a bunch of pedals, harsher than a prison full of parrots about to be released!

there should be more paintings like kim gordon's noise nomads !!!
limited to 300 copies

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solförmörkelse (sweden) #sol 03 ep

pets or foodl ron hubbard b/w the ghost of wigwam vomit” seven inch single record

  • l ron hubbard

  • the ghost of wigwam vomit
november 2010 release ; here and below are the first three (of a planned 12) releases on peter henning’s solförmörkelse (“solar eclipse”), a new label devoted to documenting the thriving arts community in the idyllic sea-side city of malmö, sweden ...

one, when faced with the prospect of a geographically-centeredcatch-all” series, would rightfully expect a fair deal of chud ... which makes this series (thusfar) pretty damn special ... all of these focus on the more transgressive end of things ; case in point, this epic single of contorted, blown-out no-wave scuzz from pets or food, invalidating just so many williamsburg-by-way-of-idaho combo’s attempts at similar levels of bombast ...

all of these come in stark black sleeves, with b/w stickers & label-art depicting the moon phase that we’re currently in (#3 ; just waxing) ; so far, all great ...
solförmörkelse press release ::

sol03: pets or food 7"

yes! first release from pets or food since the tape on rev/vega. two triturating tracks of catchy screech by this malmö four piece, mercilessly tapping into our drooling urge for a pure rock aesthetic. sexy riffing: no. slick vocals: no. funky music: affirmative. featuring members from serial cynics and bent spanner arty banner.

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nihilist (usa) #nihil 70 cs

new directions in experimental music” triple c40 cassette and printed card set

  • mlehst - the glorious truth

  • andy ortmann - metaelectronics i & ii

  • irr. app. (ext.) - tellurium ergot contingency

  • the haters - freezing to a boil

  • runzelstirn & gurgelstøck - h0156435972811101 (s'schlafliedli)

  • mixed band philanthropist - fat family meets the unbreakable smile
june 2010 release ; incredible set of contemporary electro-acoustic music from an exciting selection of purveyors, including the new blockadersrichard rupenus (working under his “mixed band philanthropist” guise), g.x. jupitter-larsen, rudolf eb.er, matt waldron, andy ortmann, and all brentnall ...

... some of the best latter-day work i’ve heard from everyone involved (rudolf’s track is especially ace - listen to the sound-sample - recalling his late-80s schimpfluch-label work) ; comes as a trio of pro-duped / imprinted tapes inside a slim-line white plastic folio, along with a series of six 4” x 8 full-color prints (one for each piece herein) ; highly recommended !!!
nihilist press release ::

new directions in experimental music
3 cassette box (2010)

new directions ... offers the listener an unhealthy dose of challenging sounds for the new age. with contributions from some of today's forerunners in the experimental scene, this boxset is sure to garner some new fans as well as satisfy the steadfast aficianados.

each artist is represented with a sidelong track and 4" x 8" full color insert.

contributors include: mlehst, the haters, irr. app. (ext.), andy ortmann, runzelstirn & gurgelstock, and an ultra-rare appearance from mixed band philanthropist!

limited edition of 100 copies in poly-vinyl cases, cassettes recorded on highest quality chrome, with silver print over black shells.

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ultra eczema (belgium) #ue 82 lp

popcorn” double long playing record set

  • pavel büchler - a pip of popcorn
  • hair stylistics with takuma watanabe - popcorn
  • rlw - corn poop
  • kian sandalen - popcorn
  • burning star core - popcorn
  • dsr lines - popkorner
  • evil moisture - porn cop
  • nuslux - popcorn
  • raionbashi - maakt popcorn
  • hetero skeleton - popcorn
  • vomgrill - dopkaartleggen

  • helm - popcorn
  • attempt - popcorn
  • helicoptere sanglante - popcorn
  • dracula lewis - popcorn
  • christophe piette - popcorn
  • kip prims - kipcorn
  • white circle crime club - popcorn
  • jacques beloeil - corny pop
  • spykes - poopcorn

  • cryptic report - ravishing toxic popcorn apostle
  • autistik youth - popcorn
  • remörk - untitled
  • miaux - popcorn
  • amon düde v - popcorn
  • fantamatres - poc
  • ali mio feat. sultan steven - popcorn
  • rani bageria & hanno schnegg - popcorn
  • blood stereo - popcorn

  • my land & lion - popcorn
  • family battle snake - popcorn
  • three legged race - popcorn
  • daniel de wereldvermaarde botanicus - popcorn
  • rock and roll jackie & nour mobarack - popcorn
  • lucas abela
  • christopher fleeger & kevin blechdom - poopcorn
  • heatsick - melts in your mouth
  • astral social club - popcorn
  • tarp - popcorn
  • blaastaal - popcorn
march 2010 release ; reprising his conceptual covers-record idea(ls - see the “la bamba” travesty) dennis tyfus delivers with this sprawling set of irreverent version(ing)s of stan free’s majestic 1972 moog bleep-splatter classic “popcorn” ...

so many great / irritating moments herein it’s hard to even single out a few, but i have to hand it to olson’s plunderphonics 101 version (listen to the sound-sample ... sabbath ? the stones ? gaga ? check, check, checkmate) ... but then again some of the new(er) names here turn in world-class work, and the whole thing eventually reeks of a kind of love & respect for gershon, rather than a kind of anti-manifesto ...

comes wrapped in klassische dennis xerox-warble, with a nice insert & funny liners from carlo ; the best ...
ultra eczema press release ::

2x comp lp

a follow up to last years' la bamba drama compilation, which annoyed the shit out of everyone that ever put it on, and made in conjunction with the ue popcorn night(mare), a night where over 30 people played a live cover version of gershon kingsley's banger from 1969!

this double comp is the sweetest cherry on the cake, it should have been a single lp, but in a over-enthausiastic mood i kept inviting people (thinking noone would actually send something in). the versions vary from literal covers to vague interpretations to kitchen princess styled cooking lessons by pavel büchler, hair stylistics with takuma watanabe, rlw, kian sandalen, burning star core, dsr lines, evil moisture, nuslux, raionbashi, hetero skeleton, vomgrill, helm, attempt, helicoptere sanglante, dracula lewis, christophe piette, kip prims, white circle crime club, jacques beloeil, spykes, cryptic report, autistik youth, remörk, miaux, amon dude v, fantamatres, ali mio feat sultan steven, rani bageria and hanno schnegg, blood stereo, my land and lion, family battle snake, three legged race, daniel de wereldvermaarde botanicus, rock and roll jackie & nour mobarack, lucas abela, christopher leeger & kevin blechdom, heatsick, astral social club, tarp and blaastaal!

comes in a vague coverdesign with liner notes by carlo steegen !

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