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sub rosa (belgium) #sr 270 cd

anthology of noise & electronic music / fifth a-chronology 1920-2007” double compact disc set

  • rogelio sosa - vinylika (7:02) 2003
  • christian galaretta - maranon (part vi) (10:27) 2004
  • li chin sung aka dickson dee - shame (4:57) 1994-2007
  • francois-bernard mache - prelude (5:28) 1959
  • richard maxfield - pastoral symphony (4:01) 1960
  • wolf vostell - elektronicher de-colagge. happening raum. (3:00) 1968
  • charlemagne palestine - seven organism study (7:53) 1968
  • andre boucourechilev - texte 2 (4:36) 1959
  • helmut lachenmann - scenario (12:30) 1965
  • alireza mashayekhi - shur, op.15 (6:28) 1966
  • claude ballif - points, mouvements (10:14) 1962

  • mauricio kagel - antithese (9:21) 1962
  • vladimir mayakovsky - and would you? (0:32) 1920
  • raoul hausmann - fmsbw (recorded by henri chopin) (0:45) 1918
  • gil joseph wolman - megapneumies, mars 1963 (4:54) 1963
  • leo kupper - electro-poeme (5:54) 1963-1970
  • josef anton riedl - leonce und lena (2:17) 1963
  • sten hanson + henri chopin - tete a tete (5:08) 1973
  • dajuin yao - satisfaction of oscillation (9:27) 1997
  • pere ubu - sentimental journey (7:01) 1978
  • ground zero - live 1992 (1:01) 1992
  • masonna / yamazaki "maso" takushi - spectrum ripper (part i-ii-iii) (3:32) 1996-1997
  • sutcliffe jugend - blind ignorance (5:39) 2007
  • club moral - l'enfer est intime (6:32) 1985
  • dub taylor - lumiere (part i) (17:11) 1972
january 2008 release ; the fifth volume of this ongoing series of double-disc compilations collecting newly unearthed/discovered/licensed gems from the assorted back alleyways of early electronic music with contemporary offerings from a current crop of like-minded electronic music practitioners ...

for this volume the (many) highlights include françois-bernard mâche’s “prélude,” wolf vostell’s “elektronicher dé-collage,” helmut lachenmann’s “scenario,” and from the more recent end of the spectrum a particularly nice blast from maso yamazaki & a bit of gristle from legendary early uk noise act sutcliffe jügend ...

given the purview of mms; these compilations are becoming something of a yearly festival - much in here to be excited about, thanks to the hard work of sub rosa’s guy-marc hinant. highly recommended, of course; and not just this most recent volume (the prior four all contain a veritable king’s ransom in early electronic music gold...)
sub rosa press release ::
an anthology of noise & electronic music vol. 5 - fifth a-chronology 1920-2007

charlemagne palestine, père ubu, sutcliffe jügend, li chin sung aka dickson dee, alireza mashayekhi, rogelio sosa, christian galaretta, françois-bernard mâche, richard maxfield, wolf vostell, andré boucourechliev, helmut lachenmann, claude ballif, mauricio kagel, vladimir mayakovsky, raoul hausmann, gil joseph wolman, léo kupper, josef anton riedl, sten hanson + henri chopin, dajuin yao, ground zero, masonna, club moral, dub taylor

digipack 2 cd + 50 pages booklet

here i am, for the fifth time, facing this impossible task no one has asked me to do. how can one bring together the history of electronic and concrete music to the history of noise music? for this volume, i want to highlight pieces illustrating a technique (claude ballif's points,mouvements), a country (shur, op. 15 by alireza mashayekhi), a studio (helmut lachenmann at the ipem), there are also historic (françois bernard mâche's prélude), and radical (spectrum ripper by masonna) works that have ripped apart ancient definitions. all this organized with internationalism in mind and, for once, a focus on the voice - not as sung words, their traditional facet in music (from pop songs to lieder and operas), but as the word itself, recited, distorted, rendered abstract or disaggregated and screamed (the incantation so often a part of rock and noise music).

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ri be xibalba (usa) #bixobal 5 mag
bixobal (usa) #bixobal 5 mag

bixobal number 5 • october 2008” magazine

  • the no-neck blues band's dave nuss recalls his time with the source family
  • vancouver noise band tunnel canary by allan macinnis
  • a remembrance of noggin violin player michael griffen
  • a feature on the belgian group onde
  • a feature on the new label assophon
  • rob millis, waxing on about the preciousness of shellac
  • eric lanzillotta's reviews of vinyl, compact discs, and books
  • patrick marley's column nickels and dimes
fifth issue of bixobal ; released on the first anniversary on the magazine’s existence ... i’d like to take this time out to commend eric and co. on their hard work ; this magazine is filling a vast void untouched by the majority of contemporary music publications (plus, let’s face it, we’re all tired of reading about fringe music only on the internet) ...

articles on/by onde, noggin’s michael griffen (rip), dave nuss & the source family (i.e. father yod / ya ho wa 13), assophon records, climax golden twinsrob millis, etc ... as always, mandatory reading.
ri be xibalba press release ::
bixobal is a magazine published by ri be xibalba

issue 5 is out now and includes:

the no-neck blues band's dave nuss recalls his time with the source family which led to the first yahowa 13 performance in new york city and their new lp. as much about dave's experiences throughout this and how it brought him into the family, as about discovering the wealth of their archives and continuing energy.

an extensive interview with reformed vancouver noise band tunnel canary by allan macinnis. allan speaks not only to the leader of the group, nathan holiday, but also tunnel canary members past and present mya mayhem, ebra ziron, and dave sheftel about their intense performances, early influences, their specially altered instruments, life and musical philosophy, and the different reactions in the early 1980s and now, matched with photos from their recent live shows and one from the archives.

a remembrance of noggin violin player michael griffen by his friend aaron gorseth.

a feature on the belgian group onde featuring former members of noise-maker's fifes; supplemented by photographs taken on tour by dan burke of illusion of safety

a feature on the new label assophon, home to the sea donkeys, spider trio and factums with photographs by mark sullo.

rob millis, waxing on about the preciousness of shellac while discussing the drive to recycle that raw material in the war years and the price that artifacts from that time can command.

eric lanzillotta's reviews of vinyl, compacts discs, and books, both new and old by bill bissett, bob cobbing, helena espvall & masaki batoh, malcolm goldstein, the howling hex, dieter schnebel, and "radio mynamar (burma)".

patrick marley's column nickels and dimes focusing on american tapes and drunjus.

56 pages, 5.5" by 8.5", 20 lb. paper, b&w, approximately 800 copies printed

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