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 best of 2006 !!! 
38% off !!!
the sound projector (uk) #tsp vinyl mag

the sound projector presents... vinyl viands 2006” magazine

  • 100 lp record reviews !!!
with this november 2006special” issue it’s pretty much official; the sound projector is the best experimental music magazine running, at least from my jilted standpoint...

in this issue mr. pinsent selects a stack of vinyl from his shelf, then sits down and concocts witty expositions on their contents, methods of acquisition, etc... the whole thing has this ritualistic flair but never dips into sheer repetition; there’s always something interesting to say, some revelation to be found.

records reviewed in this issue range from recent noise vinyl way on back to 60s esp-disk originals; not your “keeping up with the new release schedules” coverage here, no sir... ed is as likely to review a rare 1970 french prog lp as he is the new fusetron title.

it’s a joy to read and genuinely funny to boot. if you’ve ever pored the shelves of your local mom & pop record shop for dusty experimental gelt, you’ll be familiar with the thrill of the hunt celebrated within these pages. very highly recommended!
the sound projector press release...
the sound projector presents a "black stuff" summer special!
black balloons...a dolphin in your dansette
a vinyl-viaduct labyrinth for your noggin!

vinyl viands 2006!

published august 2006. 78pp, full colour covers, digital printing
no interviews, no articles...just lots of vinyl lp reviews!
for 2006...a time when nobody in the world even has a turntable!
a time when digitising vinyl onto cds can cost up to £10,000 a pop!
an age when there's a massive upsurge in high-quality vinyl reissues!

we bring you vinyl viands 2006!

tales of collecting, hoarding, rifling, storing, handling, playing and listening to vinyl lps!

written by ari abramowitz, harley richardson, jennifer hor, richard rees jones and ed pinsent
comic strip contribution by john bagnall
evidence of collecting mania gone insane!
in your mind...you know it's a viand!


john adams harmonium
germany ecm 1277 lp (1984)

anima der regt mich auf / a controversy
germany ohr today omm 580.001 2 x lp (1982)

martin archer ten studies for organ
audiolaceration al005 lp (2006)

attacco decente the baby within us marches on
uk all or nothing aon002 lp (1988)

jean-baptiste barriere pandemonium - ville ouverte
france atem records atem 7003 lp (1979)

blue öyster cultspectres
uk cbs 86050 lp (1977)

bo diddleybo diddley
checker lp 2984 (nd)

burning star corethe very heart of the world
usa thin wrist recordings tw-g lp [2005]

john cage with david tudorjohn cage presents variations iv recorded
live at the fiegen / palmer gallery

usa everest 3132 (nd) (196?)

captain beyond captain beyond
usa capricorn cp-0105 lp (1972)

carmen fandangos in space
uk regal zonophone srza 8518 (1974)

the ric colbeck quartet the sun is coming up
uk fontana (esp-disk') 6383 001 lp (1970)

tony conrad fantastic glissando
usa table of the elements 82 lp (2003)

alice cooper pretties for you
usa warner bros / straight ws 1840 (1970)

vital viands

davenport davenport
usa not not fun records nnf 23 lp (nd)

dead machines / john wiese falling lights
usa rococo records r cc-0006 lp [2006]

dome dome 2
uk dome 2 lp (1980)

kevin drumm / 2673 split lp
usa kitty play kpr 7 lp (2006)

dust hard attack
usa kama sutra ksbs 2059 lp (1972)

electronic art ensemble inquietude
usa gramavision gr7003 lp (1982)

the nedly elstak trio + voice the machine
uk fontana stl5538 lp (1969)

the enid in the region of the summer stars
uk buk records bulp 2014 lp (1976)

john fahey hard time empty bottle blues 1-4
usa table of the elements 60 nd lp (2003)

fanny mothers pride
uk reprise / wea k44233 lp (1973)

fe-mail voluptuous vultures
usa psychform records pfr 05 10-inch lp (2006)

henry flynt back porch hillbilly blues volumes 1 & 2
usa bo'weavil recordings weavil 01 2 x lp

terry fox berlino / rallentando
the netherlands het apollohuis ar 088807 lp

john frankovic frank-o-fest. an episode of improvisational smoke recorded upon the cold
usa father yod fyp-l3 lp (1992)

fred frith live in japan
japan recommended records japan rrj 003/004 2
x lp box (1982)

fred frith speechless
usa ralph records ff 8106 lp (1981)

vicious viands

hatebeak beak of putrefaction
usa reptilian rep 077 7" single (2004)

hatebeak bird seeds of vengeance
usa reptilian rep 090 7" single (2005)

hirsch nicht aufs sofa im schatten der möhre
dom v 77-07 lp

the hospitals i've visited the island of jocks and jazz
usa load records load 071 lp (2005)

noah howard at judson hall
usa esp-disk' 1064 lp (1968)
hurray dreamsnot soft illusion
usa fuestron fuse 042 lp (nd)

ikarus ikarus
germany second battle sblp 032 lp (1995)

jim jackson kansas city blues
holland agram blues ab 2004 lp (nd)

jade warrior last autumn's dream
vertigo vel-1012 lp (1972)

jefferson airplane bark
usa grunt records (rca) ftr-1001 lp (1971)

le roy jenkins / rashied ali swift are the winds of life
usa survival records sr 112 lp (nd)

stanley jordan standards volume 1
usa blue note bt 85130 lp (1986)

k. salvatore ashmadai
usa fusetron fuse 048 2 x lp (2006)

henry kaiser it's a wonderful life
usa metalanguage ml-124 lp (1984)

gershon kingsley gershon kingsley's first moog quartet
italy dagored red148 lp (2003)

no-name viands

laterna laterna
poland obuh v26 lp (2005)

lichens the psychic nature of being
usa holy mountain 70258 lp (2005)

lied music vs boy-band tax returns lied music vs boy-band tax returns
belgium ultra eczema 29 lp (2006)

magic carpathians project euscorpius carpathicus
poland obuh v22 lp (2003)

magma merci
seventh md foo 41 lp (1984)

mammut mammut
germany little wing of refugees lw 1048 lp

walter marchetti per la sete dell'orecchio
italy vandalia records 10584 lp [1983]

neil merryweather space rangers
usa mercury srm-1-1007 lp (1974)

jerzy milian milianalia
poland obuh v27 lp (2005)

the move looking on
uk fly records fly 1 lp (1970)

mukai chie / urabe masayoshi dual anarchism
usa siwa records #9 lp (2002)

necronomicon tips zum selbtsmord
no label 60634 lp (nd)

nurse with wound ostranenie 1913
uk thirdmind records tmr 03 lp (1983)

viands of wonderment

origami galaktika eesti libbed silmad süda
norway komkol autoprod 089 2 x lp (1998)

annette peacock x-dreams
usa tomato tom-7025 lp (1979)

pelican / mono ran amber / yearning
usa hydra head industries hh 666 104 /
temporary residence limited trr89 lp (2006)

krzysztof penderecki the manuscript found in saragossa: original
motion picture soundtrack

poland obuh v24 lp (2005)

pink floyd meddle
uk emi harvest shvl 795 lp (1971)

terry reid river
us atlantic sd 7259 lp (1973)

peter van riper room space
usa vrblu 13 lp (1981)

alasdair roberts no earthly man
usa drag city dc283 lp (2005)

robotobibok nawyki przyrody
poland obuh v25 / vytvornia om v01 lp (2005)

il rovescio della medaglia la bibbia
rca psl 10521 lp (1971)

tony rusconi boxing (the) drums
italy vm boxes ed. vmb 1000 2 x lp (nd)

george russell and his orchestra new york ny / jazz in the space age
usa mca records inc mca2-4017 2 x lp (1973)

ray russell quartet dragon hill
uk cbs realmjazz series 52663 lp (1969)

leaping-lung viands

frank sidebottom medium play
uk in tape it069 10-inch ep (1989)

the horace silver quintet and trio blowin' the blues away
usa blue note 84017 lp (1985)

slade slade alive!
uk polydor super 2383 101 lp (1972)

the slits the slits
uk [y records y3lp] lp (1980)

sparks hello young lovers
uk gut records gut53 lp (2006)

bruce springsteen & the e street band live/1975-85
uk cbs 450227 5 x lp (1986)

steppenwolf early steppenwolf
germany hor zu shze 266 lp (nd)

sun city girls live from planet boomerang
usa majora lp 5663 2 x lp (1992)

t2 it'll all work out in boomland
uk decca skl5050 lp (1970)

temperatures too hot to handle / too cold to hold
uk private press no number 7" ep (2005)

david thomas and the pedestrians the sound of the sand and other songs of the

uk rough trade rough 30 lp (1981)

keith tippett blueprint
uk rca sf 8290 lp (1972)

tivol early teeth
usa holy mountain 8271940 lp (2005)

pete townshend who came first
uk track deluxe 2408 201 lp (1972)

growling viands

ultravox three into one
uk island ilps 9614 lp (1980)

the untouchable factor charred earth
usa kharma inc pk-1 lp (1977)

various images fantastiques
usa limelight ls 86047 lp (nd)

various high-minded bands my mind goes high. psychedelic pop nuggets
from the wea vaults

uk warner music uk / rhino 8122-74708-1 2 x lp

various viva negativa! a tribute to the new blockaders
germany vinyl on demand vod 24 / vod 25 4 x lp
box sets (2005-2006)

the vitamin b12 heads
uk private pressing no number 8 x lps (2006)

dennis wilson pacific ocean blue
us caribou pz 34354 lp (1977)

wizzard wizzard brew
uk emi harvest shsp 4025 lp (1973)

wooden wand and the vanishing voice buck dharma
usa time-lag 026 2 x lp (2005)

wooden wand and the vanishing voice xiao
usa troubleman unlimited tmu 156 lp (2004)

frank wright quartet uhuru na umoja
spain marfer sa (america records) m. 40-030 s
lp [1970]

ultimato viands

y pants beat it down
usa neutral records n-two lp (1982)

ya ho wa 13 presents the savage sons of ya ho wa
higher key records hkr 010 lp (nd)

frank zappa and the mothers of invention the history and collected improvisations of frank zappa and the mothers of invention
bootleg no label zx-3561-3660 a (10 x lp box set)

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