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 best of 2013 !!! 
editions mego (austria) #emego 168 lp

innodegridshifter” long playing record

  • dedispersion i (8:13)
  • dedispersion ii (4:07)
  • rotor (2:48)
  • planes and numbers (1:28)
  • peano (1:59)

  • gridshifter 05 (6:11)
  • triggerext (2:11)
  • fs revisited (5:04)
  • cumbre vieja (4:02)
  • skatterakt (1:07)
june 2013 release ; ... neat record of cut-up drum experiments (featuring both chicagoland mainstay steven hess & bernhard breuer) by radian’s stefan németh, mapping free-limb expansions to electronic sounds ... which are then played off of & against to create an intensely interwoven stage of “really” & “virtuallyclocked rhythms ...
editions mego press release...
emego 168 / innode

release date june 10, 2013

stefan németh: synthesizers
steven hess: drums (on b-side)
bernhard breuer: drums (on dedispersion i & ii)

dedispersion i & ii and planes and numbers originally written for an exhibition by andrés ramírez gaviria.

recorded by christoph amann, bernhard breuer and kassian troyer, various locations, vienna (at) and berlin (de)

mixed by stefan németh
mastering: kassian troyer
artwork: julie/c

innode enters the world with an audacious debut of rhythm and sound, space and silence and an astonishing blend of the acoustic and the electronic. spearheaded by stefan németh (co-founder of radian, lokai) in close collaboration with steven hess (locrian, pan.american, cleared) and bernhard breuer (elektro guzzi, tumido), gridshifter is an intense, astonishing sonic experience which navigates the line between formal structures and experimental interplay. conceived as a series of crossbred experiments where, on one side, a human rhythm triggers electronic signals whilst on the other electronic textures sculpt a platform for physical human engagement. the stark dynamics and human / non human interaction manifests itself as a thrilling expose of 21st century rhythm and noise.

the term gridshifter plays on the idea of composed disorder by applying opposing moves upon a template of rigid structure. on certain tracks a strict time line or grid is spiked via grids of a different size being played at the same time, whilst on others, steven and bernhard 'shifted' the grid by overlaying their own rhythms, resulting in a destabilised sonic environment. as németh describes the artwork he sums up the entire modus operandi, "these arrays, or biochips, are samples of dna laid out as a series of microscopic spots bound to a small glass slide. corresponding images look highly organized, but show a lot of tiny imperfections at the same time ... this fact makes them especially interesting for me.

innode explore an exhilarating terrain whereby simple, pure forms, both human and electronic weave together, unfeathered, untarnished, unprocessed and leave a web of intense, extreme sonic dynamics.

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entr’acte (uk) #e037 lp

mouths / haptic1v2e b/w danjon scale” long playing record

  • mouths - 1v2e

  • haptic - danjon scale
entr’acte press release...
mouths / haptic
1v2e / danjon scale (e37)

mouths is a project by jon mueller and jim schoenecker using percussion, analogue synthesizer, shortwave radio, and human voice. their focus is on combining elements to create a chorus of sorts, culminating in all 'mouths' emitting their voices together without negating one another. this version of 1v2e, recorded live in concert in milwaukee last year, features the addition of werner moebius on computer and devices.

haptic, a chicago-based trio, consists 0f steven hess (pan amerlcan/dropp ensemble/on/fessenden), joseph muls (jonathan chen/ dropp ensemble), and adam sonderberg (civil war/dropp ensemble). initially conceived as a vehicle for live collaboration, haptic has since incorporated a different, rotating fourth member for each performance. for danjon scale, haptic's second published composition, the emphasis was on constructing a larded unfurling of sonorous informatlon.

first edition of 200 copies.

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november 16th, 2005

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july 7th, 2005

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longbox recordings (usa) #lbt 033 cd

greg davis / steven hessdecisions” compact disc

  • 021703 (11)
  • 042903 (02)
  • 021303 (02)
  • 042203 (05)
  • 042203 (06)
  • 060303 (15)
  • 060303 (11)
  • 041803 (04)
  • 041803 (07mix)
just got some fresh copies of this, one of mms’ all-time best sellers, direct from mr. greg davis during his trip down the mountain for the 2nd entschuldigen nacht... get it while it’s fresh!always a pleasure to hear greg in full-on electro-acoustic mode; here working in tandem with the fantastic chicagoland drummer/percussionist steven hess (see: bosco & jorge, his duo “on” with sylvain chaveau, the dropp ensemble, and on stage with black forest / black sea, aram shelton, etc...) the pair do their damnedest to emulate laotian insect-population buildup via hess’ pointillist tap & greg’s fft-smear. by far the most patient & abstract work in either of their respective canons, well worth investigating...
longbox recordings press release...
greg davis - laptopsteven hess - drums and percussionall tracks are live improvisations recorded direct to mini-disc between february and june of 2003 at steven’s apartment. fades and minor edits were applied afterwords. track 2 is from a recording of a live performance at the empty bottle, chicago on 29 april 2003.a truly fine and austere statement from our favorite electric troubadour and the percussive fog known as steven hess. steven hess has been a student of his record collection since the mid-'70s. comfortable playing in a range of settings - rock, jazz, experimental, steven currently plays with the post-folk unit bosco & jorge out of chicago. he tours throughout the united states and can be heard on recordings that are available worldwide. his philosophy on sound and rhythm: less is more. steven has played, or otherwise collaborated with, such artists as: ben miller (destroy all monsters), fred longberg-holm, jon mueller, matt turner, rob mazurek, cynthia dall, adam sonderberg, aram shelton, john and frank navin (the aluminum group), and greg davis, to name a few.”

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tonschacht (germany) #tons 020 ep

dropp ensembleingen tid” seven inch single record

  • bewegungslos (3:44)

  • it's not a death any man should be ashamed of (3:45)
tonschacht #20 !!!

the dropp ensemble is a chicago-based free improv collective including adam sonderberg, amy cimini, aram shelton, katherine young, ken vandermark, sam dellaria, and steven hess ...
tonschacht press release...
artist: dropp ensemble
title: ingen tid
format: 7"
cat #: tons020

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touch (uk) #tone 44 cd

fenneszseven stars” compact disc

  • liminal (3:07)
  • july (5:06)
  • shift (6:47)
  • seven stars (3:01)
october 2011 release ; ... something of a mini-ep from fennesz, to tide us over until the next full-length ...
touch press release...

fennesz - seven stars
touch # tone 44
cd ep in digipak

design & photography by jon wozencroft
mastered by denis blackham
recorded in studio b, amannstudios, vienna.
acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths, computers

seven stars features steven hess on drums, recorded at amannstudios by christoph amann

fennesz's first solo release since black sea [touch # to:76, 2008] - cd version. using acoustic and electric guitars, bass, synths, computers, fennesz continues to engage and entrance us in equal measure.

fennesz writes:

seven stars was recorded in vienna in january 2011. i recorded and mixed the album within 3 weeks. liminal and july were existing pieces which i have reworked. (i wrote an early version of liminal in a hotel room in bali in 2010). there is also a version of liminal that i have been playing live for some time. my friend steven hess, with whom i have worked before, happened to be in vienna at the time of the sessions, so i invited him to join me in the studio. christoph amann recorded the drums using a selection of his great microphones including his amazing new josephson.

i wanted to make a record that has a certain lightness about it and at the same time explore new territory using drums on one track. this might be something i will continue with in the future.

fennesz's third collaboration with ryuichi sakamoto, flumina, is due out in november on touch.

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may 24th, 2010

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february 2nd, 2010

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utech (usa) #ur cd040 cd

ural umboural umbo” compact disc

  • the lights would stop flickering (4:18)
  • theme of the paranormal feedback (4:30)
  • förlåta jag (4:32)
  • voices from the room below (5:50)
  • don't eat carrots, my little ghost horse (3:03)
  • stumbling upon blood and mercury (7:34)
  • pendulum impact test (4:59)
  • among the bones (5:04)
  • mathieu 2004-2009 (7:00)
january 2010 release ; first release from this new duo aggregate, consisting of retorm74mäder and chicago-land percussionist/composer/improviser steven hess ...
utech press release...

artist: ural umbo
format: cd
edition: 500
length: 47'
trx: 9
catalogue number: urcd040
released: january 23, 2010

recorded: recorded in bern and chicago by reto mäder and steven hess. mixed and mastered by reto mäder at hinterzimmer, bern.

roger ziegler (guest musician on 1 and 7).

ural umbo is reto mäder (sum of r, rm74) and steven hess (on, haptic) electrifying internal music through a broad spectrum of instrumentation. horns, piano, organ, harmonium, bass guitar, strings, electronics, drums and percussion guide the formation of black, subliminal melodies and slow feedback accompaniments. each piece consumes the organic and dynamically balanced process that created it. with a nod to 1960s horror movie scoring mäder and hess displace sound from the veil of the supernatural and coax it back to our world.

presented in a heavy black/white sleeve with white translucent paper overlay. photograph by rik garrett.

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