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no label (unknown) #riks spela lp
expo norr (sweden) #riks spela lp

spela självreportage: spela själv” long playing record

  • stockholm, bygglekplats (7:55)
  • 2:a festen på gardet, stockholm (9:00)
  • stockholm, trummor (1:05)
  • från spelmansstämman i delsbo 1970 (2:35)
  • trädgårdsvillains kafé, leksand (1:35)

  • ett barn spelar munspel (1:13)
  • ett bard leker med vuxna (3:20)
  • grönås (5:20)
  • carlslund (1:55)
  • falun (5:40)
  • järna (2:15)
february 2010 release ; picture-perfect reissue of this highly obscure(d) 1970 lp (originally released on the pre-caprice expo norr label alongiside sides by thorkell sigurbjörnsson, karl-birger blomdahl, and others) featuring a bunch of amazing field-recorded & tape-sound laced folk-psych instrumentals captured & channeled by solveig bark & tråd grås och stenar / (international) harvester / pärson sound’s bo anders persson ...

travelling throughout sweden that year (landing at many of the yearly festivals more famously worked by tgos & ih-offshoots ) bark & persson both documented & participated in an improvised array of ad-hoc violin, hand-percussion, mouth-harp and bass/guitar/harpjams”, captured in-situ (along with lots of environmental sounds ; children laughing, wind, crowds) with persson capturing everything in blurry detail on his portable tape-machine (the outcome of which makes up the contents of the music herein) ...

grayest-of-grey-area edition, with paste-on covers & a repro of the original insert (detailed below) ... anyone with even a passing interest in the whole swedish commune-psych crossroads with see this for what it is ; one of the last undocumented pieces of a highly fascinating puzzle ... highly recommended !!!
no label press release...

grey area exact reproduction lp of a swedish release from 1970.

a bit of confusion surrounds this release: the album has been credited to träd, gräs och stenar, but they aren't featured on it. bo anders persson did, in fact, in collaboration with solvieg bark, compile, edit and released this album. bo anders persson, was a member of the legendary swedish bands harvester, international harvester, pärson sound, träd, gräs och stenar. solveig bark was one of a few young composers that through the unm (young nordic music festivals) would become a contemporary of erkki kurenniemi, folke rabe, etc. "reportage: spela själv" roughly translates to play yourself. it contains field recordings of amateurs playing / making sounds. raga concrète, if you will. a fine, rare, and lovely piece to behold.

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