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archive (usa) #archive dvd3 dvd

khlystchaos live” digital versatile disc

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september 2008 release ; dvd-film of apparently the only live appearance by runhild gammelsaeter (whose recent utech-label solo disc was sheer horror), james plotkin, and tim wyskida ... raw, browned-out guitar/drum interplay and constant/errant screech/shriek ... pretty unbelievable ; even as you’re looking/listening straight at/to it ...
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khlyst chaos live archivedvd3

the first, and highly likely, the only live date from the plotkin (khanate) / runhild (thorr’s hammer) / wyskida (khanate) trio. multicamera live footage from 2006 hydrahead cmj showcase in nyc. edited and prepped for consumption by mr plotkin. comes housed in a ? fold heavy matte stock cover adorned with paintings from stephen kasner’s reckless mind dropped into a 10mil. custom sized pvc outer sleeve. all text on outer and inner covers silkscreen in metallic silver by broken presses. mirror faced pit art dvd comes slipped inside a hand stamped black sleeve.

pressing of 500 copies.

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 per gisle galåen 
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