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pogus (usa) #p 21036 cd

d.i.y. canons” double compact disc set

  • kyoko kobayashi - cat canon (3:12)
  • bruno ruviaro - entrei pelo canon 1a (2:46)
  • mike swinchoski - canon no 1a (3:12)
  • mike swinchoski - transmissions (3:12)
  • mike swinchoski - freez dried canon (6:24)
  • mike winter - filter iv - p.i.x.l. study no 1 (7:55)
  • ross craig - barbie's phone canon (1:53)
  • giulano lombardo - 00 (1:38)
  • giulano lombardo - 01 (2:39)
  • giulano lombardo - 02 (0:48)
  • giulano lombardo - 03 (0:33)
  • giulano lombardo - 04 (2:26)
  • giulano lombardo - 05 (5:33)
  • simon wickham-smith - kullankeltaiset päivät (larry-iie) (11:15)

  • steven m. miller - twin canon (9:43)
  • steven m. miller - pulse canon (3:20)
  • masaki kubo - pizzicato canon (1:35)
  • drew krause - canon for lp (10:35)
  • george zelenz - thermohaline (6:01)
  • stefan tomic - ringtone canon (3:55)
  • bo bell - metrocard canon (1:41)
  • philip corner / mike winter - mens 5/4 (7:03)
  • philip corner / mike winter - mens 9/8 (7:03)
pogus press release...
21036-2 cd

diy canons

simon wickham-smith, curator

okay. really cool, kind of fun, double cd compilation based on a work of larry polansky's. pieces are constructed from the sounds of cats, screams, midi instruments, computer, barbie phone, samples, wooden flutes, piano, bass clarinet, ringtones, metro cards, contrabass, and more. i have some of my favorites - which keep changing each time i listen to the discs. perhaps you will too. read on too get a "real" description from the curator of this project.

"the pieces on this cd are all based on the ideas in larry polansky's four voice canons, a series of pieces he began in 1975. these canons are usually "mensuration canons," which means that the tempi of successive voices is proportional to their start times, so that the voices end together. they also use simple ideas of moving through a list of permutations, and applying the elements of those permutations to various musical parameters. a set of polansky's canons was produced on cold blue records as four voice canons (cb0011).

polansky described these ideas in four voice canon #13 ("diy canon"), a kind of open-source meta-canon score. he distributed this at talks and on the web as an open invitation to others who wanted to make four voice canons of their own. composers responded with a wide variety of variations on the basic idea; a selection of these works is presented here.
" - simon wickham-smith, curator

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