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 best of 2012 !!! 
nna tapes (usa) #nna 051 lp

oneohtrix point never / rene hellsplit” long playing record

  • oneohtrix point never - music for reliquary house

    stone of spiritual understanding (noguchi)
    midday (caro)
    free ride (tony smith)
    cubi x (d. smith)
    the letter (d. smith)

  • rene hell - in 1980 i was a blue square

    meta concrete
    untitled solo 4
    the bridge
    quick folding motion
september 2012 release ; ... been a minute since we’ve heard (any) new music from dan or jeff, uniting here to claim a side each of this, the second split lp on nna tapes (after the one w/ eli keszler & i from earlier in the year) ...

dan’s side-length “music for a reliquary house” (prior the audio component to a nate boyce video installation of the same name) suite casts micro-fragments of plundered voices & documentary audio fragments (largely, it would seem, culled from films about the referenced sculptors) into a squirming haze of tight, bidirectionally-looped swatches of “frozen” sound ...

jeff’s is a continuation of his work with clustered piano-roll events & burst / blast-oriented frac-rack fizzle ; as elegant as anything on last year’s “the canon” while furthering the exploration of slowly climbing / descending line-cliche explored on “the terminal symphony” ...

... killer record ; gorgeous art & (as with all nna tapes vinyl) a printed inner, really nicely mastered lp (c/o the infallible dubplates & mastering folks) ... highly recommended !!!
nna tapes press release...

nna051: oneohtrix point never / rene hell split lp

nna’s second split lp unites two american artists on the cutting edge of experimental electronic music: brooklyn’s oneohtrix point never and los angeles’ rene hell. daniel lopatin and jeff witscher have each been working tirelessly in the us underground for the last several years, releasing progressive, forward-thinking, and highly acclaimed music under a wide variety of guises and manifestations. in 2012, we see them each offering their respective unique visions and interpretations of digital music in the modern world, processing the world around us through the lens of technology and modern sound.

oneohtrix point never brings us “music for reliquary house”, which consists of sonic reworkings from the “reliquary house” audio/visual installation, a collaboration between lopatin and video artist nate boyce. in a series of five pieces, lopatin delivers a sequence of hallucinatory informatic assaults, a satirical re-envisioning of modernist sculpture. picking up where 2011’s “replica” left off, opn uses digital technology to dissect human speech patterns and timbres almost beyond recognition. via computer, lopatin converts pieces of text to human speech, only to dismantle it entirely, surgically reassembling the scraps of frequencies and the shrapnel of pure sound into something new altogether … starkly melodic at times, but altogether harsh and inhuman as a whole.

rene hell presents “in 1980 i was a blue square”, a suite of five pieces for piano, synthesizer, and computer. juxtaposing mid 20th century classical music with chaotic electronic blasts, witscher creates his own style of contemporary music that is peaceful and violent on top of itself, creating a rift of confusion that sits nicely between more vast, soundscape-like vignettes. witscher’s previous forays into the worlds of noise and ambient are tastefully apparent here, indicative of an artist who is able to retain a broad array of influences and use them in a way that is both personal and original.

mastered and cut by lupo at dubplates & mastering, berlin.

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