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 best of 2011 !!! 
nna tapes (usa) #nna 039 lp

nate youngstay asleep • regression vol. 2” long playing record

  • comes unbidden
  • dress a chair
  • cast a circle

  • stygian faces
  • collapse
november 2011 release ; ... totally incredible set of subterranean electronic anti-gloss from wolf eyes / demonsnate young, perfectly inhabiting that exact alien landscape pictured on so many nik raicevic album covers while simultaneously keeping a foot in 80’s horror film sound-design (the first track alone ; the little scratchy noises the graemlins in phantasm make, the woozy synth squee from so many charles / richard band flicks, and of course the pitched-noise terminator wooble) ; all while not specifically referencing anything other than his own twisted vision ...

... one of my favorites of the year, this literally has something for everyone ... highly recommended !!!
nna tapes press release...

nna039: nate young "stay asleep: regression vol. 2" lp

it's an honor for us to present the latest solo recording from nate young, founding member of michigan noise legends wolf eyes. this record represents a new direction for young, as he deviates from trademark aggressive murk-and-misery sounds of his previous works, and instead opts for a queasy, subdued zombie lullaby consisting of bizarre rhythms, synthetic melodies, and almost gamelan-sounding ritual sleepwalking. featuring an epic closer with contributions from past & present wolf eyes members aaron dilloway and john olson. this is a record to sit and get absorbed in, a non-linear travel through a different place altogether.

mastered by lupo at dubplates & mastering in berlin.

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