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manhand (usa) #mh 80 cd

sunburnedmemorial for a black limb” compact disc-recordable

  • memorial for a black limb (65:38)
august 2008 release ; a continuous live set from sunburned, recorded in newcastle a coupla years back w/ herb diamante & michael “mick” flower in the fold ...

a heady, eastern-tinged tonality sustains throughout ; the shit room-recorded fidelity does little to impinge the white-hot guitar squall. if the band’s contemporary stripped-down electronic lineup (which, frankly, i love) leaves you wanting more, consider this a late “big bandsunburned highlight ...
manhand press release...
sunburnedmemorial for a black limb - mh 80

"newcastle burnout recorded, bootleged and released by newcastles - fuckin amateurs label, that edition of 25 is gone, this is sunburned's remastered version. 55 minutes of sunburned rubber room rock featuring herb diamante on vocals & reed horn and sir micheal flower on guitar. artwork by paul labrecque."

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