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jinya disc (japan) #jinya b04 cd

loco takayanagi / los pobresel pulso” compact disc

  • leguisamo solo (2:23)
  • murmullos (2:36)
  • silencio (2:45)
  • milonga del 900 (2:01)
  • ataniche (2:18)
  • ay, aurora (2:31)
  • intimas (2:27)
  • mi buenos aires querido (4:42)
  • dos amigos (4:11)
  • margaritas (2:43)
  • volver (2:44)
  • sol tropical (2:45)
  • amemonos (2:55)
  • ausencia (2:16)
  • caprichosa (2:53)
  • medallita de la suerte (2:33)
  • el tango es azul (2:53)
february 2008 release ; masayuki takayanagis lost tango record ... aside from the smile i love (which was actually reissued as jinya b-10b/p :: flower girl - no need to track it down...) this was the last missing piece of jinya / saito-sans remarkably thorough overview of takayanagis career, out of print for close to 10 years, now re-pressed !!!

officially credited to loco takayanagi y los pobres, the group is actually takayanagi, bassist ino faith, and six other guitar players - recorded live in front of a respectful crowd, playing a rarified strain of tango bringing in elements from hot jazz (django reinhardts jowly mug is in soft-focus throughout), flamenco, & relatable guitar-based island music(s) ...

the set is primarily acoustic, with one absolutely lovely number featuring some electric playing by tak (listen to the sound-sample - almost getting into al dimeola territory there...) & even a sing-along chorus in the final number ... which is to say that, much like the flower girl and jazzy profile of jojo sets this is one for the takayanagi completists, or those simply wishing to get the full picture of his range ...
jinya disc press release...
el pulso

product code: b-04s
production origin: jinya disc

takayanagi attitude is opposite to music always in the true at the time of each category. this is record of one piece which leaves the rhythm of the tango which long time was continued to pursue on the chord. (from cd cap)

it is not the group which aimed for boom and the rarity which were made simply. when it related to jazz in takayanagi music history, learned the rhythm of the tango which almost spends the same time. the first step of the investigation is "el pluso". live with shibuya jeanjean and shinjuku pit-in. going out from the market, 8 years. jacket binding anew re-sale.

loco takayanagi and (1995 sound recording)

masayuki guitar takayanagi
toshio guitar sato
siyouzirou 7st.guitar ikeda
guitar matsuoka showa
guitar niwa greatness
guitar sakamoto akira
shinichi guitar miyazaki
contra bass ino faith

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 loco takayanagi 
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