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rune grammofon (norway) #r 2076 ep

moha!jeff carey’s moha!” seven inch single record

  • progorama (premix)

  • teknosangen (premix)
rune grammofon press release...
rsi 2076 - moha!: jeff carey´s moha! (7")

first 7vinyl single on rune grammofon comes from moha! in the form of two brand new tracks, ”progorama” and ”teknosangen”. both tracks are made with fellow member of n-collective, jeff carey. the source material is taken from the forthcoming new album on rune grammofon but both tracks are exclusive for this single release. together with their recent concerts these tracks also indicate that moha! might be going in a slightly more structured direction musically without losing their unhinged fire and creative spark. a great teaser for the new album due in early september.

pressed on white vinyl and in an edition of 500 copies, only 300 will be available either directly from us or through our distributors. the rest will be sold at the band´s concerts.

release: 02.06.08

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