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feeding tube (usa) #ftr 044 cd

grey skull 2010 tour cdr” compact disc-recordable

  • 11.1.08 - dubious liftings turners falls, ma (19:50)
  • 1.15.10 - diamond junction bowling lanes palmer, ma (16:36)
  • 2.5.10 - media mansion northampton, ma (21:54)
... last copies of this tour set from jeff noise nomads hartford, breaking world george myers, and dan cashmans grey skull ...

around these parts we know these guys as the areas premier deconstructo-rock carnosaurs, but im thinking the legend hasnt traveled far beyond the pioneer valley ; this trilogy of complete live-sets does wonders for bringing their terrifying / stultifying reality into your comfort zone ...
feeding tube press release...
grey skull - "2010 cdr"

free improv for the heavy metal mindset; taking stock of the minutiae of grooves and breakdowns present in the genre; hammering it all in to hypnotic effect? or just un-godly noise? you decide. one of the more longstanding western massachusetts traditions is the awkward and indescribable set by grey skull, recorded here at three shows in western ma.

grey skull is
dan cashman (anthro rex)
george myers (breaking world records)
jeff hartford (noise nomads)

previous artist:
 grey skull 
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