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le chant du monde (france) #ldc 278 1118 cd
mnémosyne musique media (france) #ldc 278 1118 cd

francisco kröpflmusica electro acústica 1988 2000 (chrysopée électronique - bourges)” compact disc

  • orillas (10:14) 1988
  • el pájaro (10:15) 1995
  • vientos (10:54) 1996
  • al sur (14:32) 1997
  • el regreso (13:20) 2000
  • el vuelo (12:55) 2000
le chant du monde press release...
vol. 17 : francisco kröpfl
(ldc 2781118)

born in 1931, an argentine composer and teacher of hungarian origin, kröpfl has composed chamber and orchestral music as well as electroacoustic pieces. he has developed musical analysis techniques and composition teaching methods. he is the author of the first electronic pieces in argentina, and was the founder in 1958 of the "estudio de fonologia musical" of the national university of buenos aires, first permanent centre of its type in latinamerica.

he obtained the guggenheim grant in 1977/78, which allowed him to composed three electroacoustic works at the electronic music centre of the colombia and princeton universities in new york. he is president of the argentine federation of electroacoustic music (farme), director of the music and technology area of the "centro cultural recoleta in buenos aires, musical director at the argentine endowment of the arts and professor of morphology at the buenos aires university.

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