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february 18th, 2014


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alga marghen (italy) #alga nmn31 cd

dick higginsthe thousand symphonies” compact disc

  • symphony no. 163, allegro serioso (38:29)
  • symphony no. 163, andantino (5:42)
  • symphony no. 163, scherzo (5:16)
  • symphony no. 343, a salsa sympony (8:42)
  • symphony no. 367, andante allegretto (2:03)
  • symphony no. 357, largo (3:08)
  • symphony no. 357, presto con ritorneli (2:01)
  • symphony no. 342, in 4 movements (without pauses) (6:18)
  • symphony no. 609, the divers (2:31)
  • a sample page (4:40)
december 2009 release ; a contemporaryorchestralrealization (conducted by philip corner & featuring players such as miguel frasconi, malcolm goldstein, daniel goode, joseph kubera, charlie morrow, and peter zummo) of this series of fluxus touchstone pieces, conceived of in 1967 by dick higgins, then “executed” the following year by firing a machine gun at a blank stave to generate the “score(s)” ...

raucous, pointillist music, equal parts ensemble claustrophobia and free-jazz excess ...
alga marghen press release...

d i c k   h i g g i n s
"the thousand symphonies"
(cat no. plana-h 31nmn.077)
digipack cd

alga marghen presents the first edition ever issued of dick higgins music. fluxus founding member, in 1958 dick higgins studied composition and experimental music with john cage in his class at the new school for social research in new york together with, among others, la monte young, richard maxfield, toshi ichiyanaghi, george brecht, allan kaprow, al hansen, jackson mac low.

in the spring of 1968 geoffrey hendricks and robert watts told dick higgins of a project that was afoot at douglass college, where both were teaching at the time, to organize a show around guns. at that time the usa police seemed to have nothing better to do than to chase down teenagers for possessing miniscule amounts of marijuana and throwing them in jail, thus ruining their lives. dick higgins decided it would be more worthy if one could set all the policemen in the usa to composing symphonies themselves. so he proposed that the beautiful music paper be machine gunned and that symphonies be derived from the result. 

geoffrey hendricks arranged for captain toby of the south brunswick police to do this, which duly happened with a 9mm mp40 schmeisser submachine gun, filmed by alison knowles. a volunteer orchestra, conducted by philip corner and including charlotte moorman, performed nine of the resulting symphonies at douglass college on december 9th. the douglass concert was taped, but the only copy disappeared when the ars viva! gallery in berlin, germany, went bankrupt in 1984. the whole situation was documented with photographs in source magazine in 1970.

as philip corner, conductor of the recordings presented here, said: leave it to dick higgins to come up with the most spectacular way to generate a page of patternless notes. once over this dramatic gesture with machine-gun bullets leaves a stack of paper full of holes. i had not thought of this before but there must have been a conscious connection to the social turmoil of the 60's - all too unfortunately, come back around to high relevance these days.

first press limited to 500 copies with digipack sleeve, also including a 16 page booklet with full documentation presenting 2 texts by dick higgins from the 1960s as well as a philip corner testimony, original photos and original scores

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august 9th, 2013


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dog w/a bone (usa) #dwab 05 cd

spoken music concert at paula cooper gallery” compact disc

  • emmett williams - four-directional song of doubt for five voices (6:29)
  • anne tardos - for brian buczak (5:18)
  • jackson mac low - 36th - 42nd merzgedichte in memoriam kurt schwitters (6:29)
  • jackson mac low - twenties 3: travesty 1 (dialog) (4:28)
  • john cage - empty words, part iv (20:10)
  • jackson mac low - the happy birthday, anne, vocabulary, gathas (6:48)
  • dick higgins - quartet (16:28)
  • emmett williams - cellar song for five voices (12:26)
2002 release ; ... phenomenal lineup of text-sound & fluxus vets “recorded live on february 6, 1990, 8pm, at the paula cooper gallery, 155 wooster street new york.” ...
dog w/a bone press release...

the s.e.m. ensemble's spoken music concert took place on tuesday, february 6, 1990, at the paula cooper gallery in new york, then on wooster street in soho. it was performed by members of the s.e.m. ensemble: petr kotik (director), chris nappi, and joseph kubera, and ben neill (sound mix) ; and four guests: john cage, dick higgins, jackson mac low, and anne tardos ...

'empty words', written in 1973-74, is arguably the most musical of john cage's texts. made up of fragments from the journals of henry david thoreau, it consists of four parts. the first is a chance-derived mix of phrases, words, syllables, and single letters; subsequent parts each eliminate one of these textual elements from the mix. by the fourth part (performed here), there is nothing left but single letters. as the text becomes simpler and simpler, silences become more and more prominent.

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slowscan (netherlands) #slowscan vol.17a lp

fluxus anthology volume 1” double long playing record set

  • emmett williams - interview (19:50)
  • ray johnson - shrinking woman (1:15)

  • dick higgins - in memoriam (8:00)
  • robert watts - string record composition (5:45)
  • marcel alocco - pour fluxus (12:37)

  • maurizio nannucci - some sounds (2:20)
  • joe jones - 5 piano pieces (2:00)
  • al hansen - intermedia l.a. roadside streetwise poetry (1:18)
  • mieko shiomi - a celestial tune by 108 marbles (for my mothers soul) (5:45)
  • ay-o - ay-o-add collection for george maciunas (1:40)
  • jean dupuy - paris - bordeaux (2:30)
  • dick higgins - sonata for prepared piano (4:10)
  • carolee schneemann - look what the cat dragged in (6:00)

  • eric andersen - opus 32 (10:38)
  • yasunao tone - anagram for strings (6:30)
  • ben vautier - musique de ben (excerpt) (1:40)
2004 release ; essential overview of the various fluxus artists’ dabblings w/ sound, covering work recorded between 1961 and 1995 ... highlights include ::

dick higgins1961in memorian(”the piece was made by assembling loops of a dub of a phonograph record of 16th century dance music. the dance is heard, simultaneously, up the 16 times as slow as the original, backwards as well as forwards, giving a sort of cinematic effect”) ...

robert watts’s 1969string record composition(simply astounding early harsh-noise piece utilizing the composer’s “string record” - “a 12 inch diameter wooden disc (ordinary lp size) which has string glued to it, forming the playing grooves” - listen to the sound-sample) ...

joe jones19805 piano pieces(dark, clanking piano drones - way too brief) ...

yasunao tone’s 1961anagram for strings(performed here by malcolm goldstein & takehisa kosugi) ...

... plus sound-poetry, field-recordings, and early plunderphonics from al hansen, mieko shiomi, ay-o, carolee schneeman, ben vautier, and eric andersen ... highly recommended !!!

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