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melon expander (usa) #me 003 cd

points of frictionafterlife dna finger-painting” compact disc

  • spores of the aquifer (9:10)
  • any stovepipe can befriend the living but it takes a real android to win foodstamps (3:59)
  • afterlife dna finger-painting (5:27)
  • artichoke tickle (4:53)
  • when a salamander laughs out loud the tape recorders beam with joy, but parking lots beyond tomato will always find lice (15:17)
killer set of flowing electro-acoustic improvisations from this long-running ensemble with ties to the lafms empire; much closer in spirit to the electronic/experimental-instrument free-float of groups such as morphogenesis (specifically michael primeís contributions), musica elettronica viva & sonde than the mannered pointilism of amm, gruppo nuova di improvvisazione consonanza, et.al...

members of the group include joseph hammer (whose tape-loop manipulations are unmistakable throughout), damian bisciglia, and melon expander label-boss mitchell brown. easily one of the best things iíve heard from all involved parties in some time; highly recommended.
melon expander press release...
points of friction "afterlife dna fingerpainting" cd melonex003

tim alexander: prepared zither, wooden bowl, electronics, birdcage, toys, spring-loaded mechanisms, etc.
damian bisciglia: metal sculptures, psaltry, birdcage, digital piano, sampler, electronics, etc.
mitchell brown: arp synthesizer, ring modulator, electronics, birdcage, tape loops, etc.
joseph hammer: real time tape loop manipulations, electronics, etc.
kenny ryman: turntables, loops, zither, thumb piano, electronics, etc.

points of friction formed in january of 1981, shortly after witnessing captain beefheart & his magic band perform live. joseph hammer, damian bisciglia, tim alexander, and kenny ryman were the core quartet though sometimes lafms (los angeles free music society) founder rick potts would sit in, among others.

their first recording was a spontaneous affair, the group members having no formal musical training (or even knowledge of "freely improvised music") relied on their voices and whatever else was at hand - wire mesh, sheet plastic, an old guitar, etc. gradually the group acquired electric instruments, toy keyboards, multi-track tape recorders, pedal effects, etc. and moved towards a more processed sound direction, informed by groups such as faust, cluster, nurse with wound, dome, this heat, can, amm, fripp and eno, and negitiveland.

by 1984 points of friction had two cassette releases under their belts on lafms (los angeles free music society) offshoot label solid eye. their 2nd release "sackcloth and ashes" was re-issued in 2002 on cd by anomalous records, and the groups first recording "1982" was re-issued on cdr in 2004 by the l.a. based spagyric label.

after a 20 year hiatus points of friction reformed in june 2004 and recruited l.a. native mitchell brown to the goon squad. "afterlife dna finger-painting", their 3rd official release, is the result of this reunion. they have since recorded more and have returned to occasionally performing live.

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