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ideal (sweden) #ideal 042 cd

o.s.t.waetka” compact disc

  • owitharn (7:59)
  • guilsnu (5:55)
  • watisnu (2:15)
  • faem (3:45)
  • cruaecis (4:03)
  • ornoc (7:20)
  • nowias (7:54)
  • uldrtrosa (5:07)
  • munretha (5:55)
  • dall (6:25)
  • sa deiforeadh (0:54)
  • docmehas (3:44)
  • untitled (8:08)
2008 release ; something of a “comeback” album from former american idm producer chris douglas, now dealing in masterclass-level electro-acoustic composition & frozen drone-scapes ...

much of this reminds me of xenakis’ tape-piece bohor (a personal touchstone) ; mainly in that there’s a constant field of dry crinkling/ringing trinkets & natural-rhythm elements all but buried under a huge wave of looming electronic dread ...

immersive stuff, great for deep listening ...
ideal press release...
o.s.t. "waetka"
cd album. ideal042 2008. digipack.

an important album by one of the hidden masters of the contemporary electronic music scene! o.s.t. is berlin-based christopher douglas and ”waetka” is his long awaited return after a five years hiatus, a time he spent hidden in the darkest shadows. step into a world of advanced electronic composition, static ambient soundworlds and a document of a hurt soul. this is how it sounds to survive.

"waetka" is advanced post-techno - where the beats are replaced by the darkest of atmospheres.

learn more …

christopher douglas (b. 1974) began releasing records as o.s.t. in 1992 as a result of needing an outlet after growing up surrounded by extreme forms of constant, shifting confusion. douglas time has been a series of trials and confrontations where facts bore no truth and the present resides outside his creative musical energies.

his crew consisting of jonah sharp (spacetime continuum), shobhan, billee and the holographic clothing collective spacetime was the first to throw techno and ambient music parties in san francisco in 1990 which he started to dj and record his own stuff . their parties and the crew changed the club climate in sf that was at the time dominated by house and disco by being involved in the invitation and introduction of live sets by artists such as ritchie hawtin, u-ziq and many others in the like mind. when douglas moved on a spontaneous invitation from richie to detroit in his late teens (only to return to sf some time later) he met up and became friends  and worked briefly with mad mike banks (co-founder of underground resistance and killer techno producer) and james stinson (of the legendary detroit electro mystics drexciya r.i.p.) and lived in the legendary downtown lofts 1217 griswold. he released his first ep in detroit on switch records.

chris douglas continued to release high quality works as o.s.t., rook vallade/valard and also began to remix as spacetime continuum and released stuff on labels like plug research, diskono, worm interface, emanate, and astralwerks, participating on comps with artists like autechre, carl craig, squarepusher and boards of canada.

in 1999 douglas released the very interesting and ground breaking ”death noticealbum on thousand/phthalo. in 2001, o.s.t. was invited to open for autechre on their us west coast tour promoting their ”confieldalbum and he soon after released the ”seimlstealbum on his own now defunct qlipothic label. a beautiful study of  loneliness and despair and a sort of electronic music therapy.

in 2003 o.s.t. was invited by autechre to perform at their curated  all tomorrow’s parties, in the uk.  he was featured on the comp cd and record that was released in connection to the event together with gescom, bfc (carl craig), pita, earth and others. this was where he met joachim  nordwall of  ideal and they decided to work on an album for the label – this is what became what you now holds in your hands – ”waetka”!

after a tragic event he was forced to relocate to berlin where he took a much needed time off until 2007. starting with a dvd for berlin heads shitkatapult, ”synken”, together with transforma.

forthcoming in the year  2008 - new album titled "ideom" under his dalglish guise for record label records. a limited vinyl release of an autechre remix of  "ou" taken from the album seimlste , and a digital only release for online label ”adozen” containing many outtakes from dvd  synken. an dalglish album for the london label highpoint lowlife and an visual ep to be included on the label  upcoming dvd ep release, a proposed idea of a "directors cut" of synken, is in the works. douglas is still also compiling an  album  of o.s.t. being remixed by autechre, pita, merzbow and others. to finally tackle the long proposed idea to reinterpit album death notice with acoustic instruments. christopher douglas is back!

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